Attempting to See the Future

After a somewhat disappointing 2012 season, it is time to start looking forward to the new year. Even though there are a couple of more events in 2012 (Disney Wine and Dine in November and the Winter Lung Cancer Bike Ride in December), the majority of the racing is done for the year. I have already written (exhaustedly) about my trials and tribulations of 2012, so I won’t go much into this time around. Suffice to say, to use an NFL term, that I hit a sophomore slump, so I look toward season three as if it will be a season of greater strides. 

So what’s on tap for 2013? There are always late additions and subtractions as the year goes by, but the schedule is already set for the most part. So we can look through each month that there are events scheduled and see what we have.

January 2013

Only one race in January but it is a doozy. The Goofy Challenge is two days of running, back to back, with a half marathon on Saturday and a marathon on Sunday. So a total of 39.3 miles in two days. A daunting task, but a challenge, and one I couldn’t resist trying, even though my running is not the best in the world and I still cannot RUN a whole race without walk breaks.

February 2013

Two running events in February. A new one at the beginning of the month called “The Best Damn Race”, a half marathon in Safety Harbor, Florida (which is taking the place of the St. Pete Rock and Roll on our schedule) and then a return to the Gasparilla Distance Classic at the end of the month, where we will once again attempt the Ultra Challenge of a 15k and a 5k on Saturday, then a Half MArathon followed by a 5+3 on Sunday. This year I could not complete the 5+3, so this year’s goal will be to finish this and get that medal.

March 2013

Only one event in this month, and it’s a new one called the “Clean Air Bike Century Ride” on the 23rd in Inverness (which I am assuming means it’s on the Withlacoochee Trail). Since it’s deemed a RIDE it will be treated as a training event for the upcoming triathlon’s, and since it is in a month that leads up to the triathlon starts it works well schedule wise.

April 2013

And here it begins. St. Anthony’s Triathlon is the only race that I improved times on (if not race time) so the goal will be to continue to improve. This will be another Team in Training event (so prepare for the contribution requests again everyone), and always proves to be a decent experience.

May 2013

Two events scheduled this month. The first being the ever present Crystal River Triathlon series,which starts 2013 with number 1 of 3 on the 25th. It’s my favorite race, but also was my most disappointing events this years since I made no improvement and actually got worse each race. I hope to rectify that this season.

The next would be a new race to us, and is not yet booked, and will also take the place of the Full Ironman we had planned to take on this season but realized we are not ready for it. The Gulf Coast 70.3 is on the same course as the Florida Ironman, and will take the place of the Florida 70.3 from 2012 since the lake issues we had we do not want to repeat. 

July 2013

Nothing in place yet for June, which is fine since we can fill that with training time, so we skip to July which we have two sprints, both being in Crystal River and both that we did in ’12. Crystal River 2 is on the 6th (and hopefully no Tropical Storms this time to stir up the water) and Twilight is on the 27th (and we will remember to bring bug spray this time).

August 2013

Only one on tap and it finished out the Sprint season once again: Crystal River 3. My hope is that at the end of this one I will see some big improvements, the least of which is NOT finishing last in my group once again.

September 2013

The BIG one. Our A race of the season. A visit once again to Augusta, Georgia for the 70.3. A visit once again to the course that killed my bike. I return to it knowing what to expect though, knowing I need a road bike geared for climbing, knowing that I need more hill work. I expect to do MUCH better. I will do much better.

The remainder of the year will be the odd races, mostly running and cycling, and the always present Wine and Dine. So, who’s with me??

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