Augusta 70.3 – T Minus 3 Days

It’s crunch time
The training is done … there is nothing more I can do at this point.
My bags are packed … I’ve gone over my checklist five times … everything is there … probably bringing too much but better safe than sorry … in any case, the Expo is there in case I forget anything vitally important.
It’s almost anti-climatic … 
You can’t help going over in your mind all the steps you took to get to this point. Questioning the training you did. If you did enough running, or did you focus on the cycling too much … ? But you trust the coach that has been guiding you, you trust the support you have gotten from teammates and training partners, you trust the advice given to you on the numerous social media sites you enter in the split times/training miles/diet information.
You’ve done all you could do … still room for improvement … but you’ve put the time in … done the hills (not enough though) … done the distance in the pool numerous times … ran the miles (OK .. walk/run the miles). You know your strengths (bike) and your weaknesses (run). You know the mental struggles you will have (swim) and you are preparing to meet them. No one knows you better than you. It’s hard to explain the fears you have, like I do in the swim, to someone who either doesn’t have them or works through them. So you deal with it as best as you can, and it WILL be enough to get through it.
You’ve gone over the course … 
You know the water will be cold … 
DEAL with it. You will have a wetsuit on. You WILL NOT drown. The current will be with you so any Lake Zombies will be held underneath you.
You know there are hills … 
DEAL with it. You done this much climbing … in fact just this past weekend. You CAN do it because you HAVE done it. The last 5-10 miles is all downhill according to the elevation map, so just get to this and you are GOLDEN. 
You know the run will be hard … 
DEAL with it. It’s a basically flat course, and the crowd is all through it. Feed off them. Stick to your split plan. Walk if you need to. Run when you feel you can. Finish strong.
Time does NOT matter … 
Pace does NOT matter … 
Place does NOT matter … 
All that matters is that you are out there. Two years ago you were a 302 pound lump on the couch. You are now a triathlete.
You. Have. Won.
This will be my last post until my race report either Sunday night or Monday. I will still post through Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, etc. and you can “stalk” the race through the Ironman race site, if you so choose. 

I want to thank so many people who have been beside me throughout this process. I know I will leave some out, so forgive me in advance if I forget to add you:

Jennifer, of course.
KC, our strong coach, even if we disappointed her at times 🙂
Beth Bob
Genna Beth
The whole Team in Training team(s)
My family, for putting up with the late nights and weekends away
Kristi, my sister, for not being critical and showing support this time around
The staff at Kona Multisport, for their advice and for allowing me to give them my money
Lena, the massage goddess
So so so many comment and support through Facebook, Twitter, Daily Mile, Klout, and Fitness Pal by people I have never met … 

All of you guys ROCK … 

Thank You!!!

JC Harris

One thought on “Augusta 70.3 – T Minus 3 Days

  • September 27, 2012 at 1:04 pm

    I know you wrote this post to remind yourself to deal with it, but man, I appreciate it! I'm going to tell myself the same thing. None of that stuff matters. Finishing is winning!!!

    You're awesome & I'm so glad I met you and Jen!

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