Augusta 70.3 – T Minus 4 Days

It seems no matter how hard you try, outside forces strive to bring stress into your life when you least need it in your life. I need a way to go into a zen state, says a few “ohm’s”, or maybe some Hail Mary’s and Our Fathers (now where did I leave that rosary necklace??) to make it through. 
A close friend got a taste of what it’s like after you leave a job, whether it is on good terms or bad. The person leaving ALWAYS gets blamed for anything that goes wrong after their departure, so it should be expected, but to get an email that is both threatening and, at it’s core, incorrect is disturbing. But you just got to let it go. Consider the source, write them off as a false friend, and move on with your life. They are just not worth the time, energy, or trouble. 
I have still been trying hard to stay positive and focused. I started packing last night to make sure I have everything together since we leave early tomorrow afternoon. Good thing I did because my son tells me last night “Dad, I have a project I need your help on.” “When is it due Zak?” “Friday.” “THIS Friday??” “Yes…” 
Nice …. but par for the course … and at least he told me two days before it was due, which is better than last year when he told me two days AFTER it was due.
So it was a photo essay … tell a story or process only in pictures … at least ten.
Hmmm … 
“Well, Zak, I am getting prepared for the Augusta 70.3. Take pictures of the packing process.”
Problem Solved!!!
One less stressor …. 
I have also begun a very anal process of checking the weather every morning in Augusta at key time points … when I will be entering the water … when I will be on the bike … and when I will be starting my run … to get an idea of the conditions I should be facing Sunday. Is this being too cautious? Or is it be PREPARED? 
I think the latter … 
As a side note, the forecast is a high of 85 and a low of 58 with a 35% chance of showers.

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