Crazy Crazy Nights

Many of you know I have a fondness for music. I have played in bands, and can play a few instruments, and I am known my head full of useless knowledge concerning music and bands, especially from the 60’s, 70s, and 80s.
It’s a mostly useless talent, but it’s one of my few, so I hold to it like a monkey on a banana.
And if you know this about me, then you know I have a live for, albeit a concerning one, of the band KISS.
So why bring this up?
After my metric Century Ride today, I packed my car and was heading home, and not wanting to listen to sports talk, I turned on the CD player, and it just happened to contain a CD from the KISS Box Set. The song that came on was one called “Crazy Crazy Nights”. I know the lyrics were written with a whole other purpose, but I started listening to them and a new meaning, one more personal, started emerging. I know most people are not KISS fans, and most that are not have never even listened to them (amazing how this happens), but this is one from the “hair metal” era, without makeup. If you would, please have a listen and look at the lyrics. I will explain afterwards.

People try to take my soul away,

but I don’t hear the crap that they all say
They try to tell us we don’t belong,
that’s alright, we’re millions strong
This is my music, it makes me proud,
these are my people and this is my crowd

These are crazy, crazy, crazy, crazy nights
These are crazy, crazy, crazy, crazy nights

Sometimes days are so hard to survive,
a million ways to bury you alive
The sun goes down like a bad bad dream
You’re wound up tight, gotta let off steam
They say they can break you again and again,
if life is a radio, turn up to ten

And they try to tell us that we don’t belong
But that’s alright, we’re millions strong
You are my people, you are my crowd,
this is our music, we love it loud
Yeah, and nobody’s gonna change me,
‘cos that’s who I am

The lyrics stood out to me in two ways. When I started this “adventure” I caught a lot of grief for the time it was taking me away from home. I was accused of neglecting my son, and my family, and being selfish in my need to find something that both brought me calmness and halted the path I was on to an early death. They told me that “triathlon” was only for crazy people, that “we don’t belong”. But like the song states … we do belong, and we are millions strong … 
The other part was how much I dislike the job I have. I have no growth, either intellectually or professionally. Now most of this happened due to my own stupidity, and I admit that, but each day I feel like I am losing a little more of my soul, of who I am. “Sometimes days are so hard to survive … a million ways to bury you alive”. “The say they can break you again and again”. Very true words Mr. Stanley.
Is it a silly song. Yeah. It is. Common for the hair bands of the late 80’s. But you know what? It sounds amazing in the car after a great ride, with great people, who I enjoy being around a great deal. If I had not started on this path, there are about 30-40 people who would not be part of my life right now, which would be a travesty.
So put aside your KISS biases and download the tune. The after a ride, or a run, or a swim, plug it into the radio and see if it doesn’t get your head banging and your fists pumping. And … like Mr. Stanley sings”
If Life Is a Radio … TURN UP TO 10!! 

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