I Make 49 Look Good !!

Isn’t it odd how birthday’s tend to make you take stock each year? Where you are in your life now vs. where you came from … it can be eye opening.
Did this EVER look good
Me and my Sister. I think I was 3 so she was 2.
We are now BOTH 48 until Sunday, when I change
to 49. 
My Mother and Me playing. I wonder what was making
me look so INSANE. Crazy Insane!!
I look at this and cannot believe this was me at 15. Yikes.
Someone make this kid a sammich!!!!

Yes I was in BAND. I am the one on the right at the top.
Drummer … Extraordinaire.

That is me on the right … playing KICK ASS BASS …
4th of July at the DeLAnd Airport. One year later
I was in the NAVY.
And here I am … you know I look HOT!!!
Some friends you keep for life right? Mark
and I met in cub scouts and have been friends
since. He is the drummer in the band picture
on the facing page, and he is the drummer
on stage with me in the July 4th picture. Plus he
was Riff Raff to my Frankenfurter. Luckily those
pictures are GONE!!
At my heaviest. May 2010. 302 pounds.

My son Zak this year at a RAYS game. CAn’t believe he’s
a senior. I am going to miss him when he leaves. Don’t tell
him that though. 🙂

Me today (more or less). A long and Crooked Row. Hopefully
my habit change in the past two years has allowed me to live
a few years longer than I would have.

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