Like a Rolling Stone

I had another first yesterday!!
When I went in for my massage (weekly, because, you know, I NEED it) Lena (the goddess of massage) said as I walked in …
“Well, I brought my stones today if you’d like to try them?”
When I first posted on Facebook that I was finally giving in and seeking a massage therapist, one of my college friends Shannon responded that I should try the stones. And now I know why.
Lena explained them and how they were used, but also told me that they would relax me to a point that anything strenuous right after, or even a few days after, should not be done.
“Pshaw!”, I thought. “Nothing could ever effect me that deeply! I am, you know, a MAN!!”
Man Shamn … boy was I wrong.
Lena started at my legs and ran those stones along the muscles. I had honestly never felt anything so relaxing. A co-worker, Maria, has asked me after my first visit if I had fallen asleep. I have never even remotely felt like I was going to sleep.
Until yesterday.
I was so relaxed after the first leg that I was zoning out. I know she asked me a question at a few points. I think I answered. I cannot be sure. 
When she was done I walked out in a zoned manner. I was so loose I felt like I could barely walk. She was absolutely right. Even Jennifer was joking later on that I kept zoning out when I was being spoken too.
I can see why this stuff is addicting.

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