The more you get into training the more in-tuned you become to your body. Every little creak, or twinge, or ache, you are aware of immediately.  I am not sure when this happens, if it happens all at once or if it comes on gradually. 
About two weeks ago I noticed a twinge in my lower back while running, which has now become a larger issue. I can bike with very little issue, but the run has become a problem. I can make it about a mile before it tightens up, and then just the act of lifting the leg to run is like lifting a brick. And you KNOW it has to be bad if I actually sought out a massage, something I had never done in my whole life. I loved it, even the parts that hurt, and it helped for a couple fo days, but last night during my run the back returned. I have found that if I stop and sit down, stretch it out, then start again it helps, but not many opportunities to sit and stretch during a race.
So what do I do with this wonky body??
I am now looking to yoga … my God … yoga. Hopefully I will be able to get into a place that does private sessions that don’t charge astronomical prices. I think if I do that I will become more comfortable with it, then seek out the classes. Although I have made a lot of progress I am still heavy, which is part of my back issue, so I am not entirely OK with the thought of stretching and such in front of people, especially those I don’t know.
I have gone quite awhile, last November to be exact, injury free, so I am sure I was tempting the Tri-Gods there. I have noticed that while my bike has been improving greatly, my run is actually getting worse. This is mostly to the back tightening up. The lower back controls everything from the waist down.
Something has to be done …. 

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