Working for the Weekend

After my last couple of blog posts, and re-reading them, I decided that this weekend would be a “re-commitment” of sorts. I would stop under performing, talking myself out of workouts, and finding reasons for it, and start doing doing what I needed to do. I give much credit to an assortment of people this week, but I want to thank personally KC over at 140point6milesofAwesome and Jennifer Diaz for the “kick in the ass” emails I got from them. As I said in the blog, sometimes that is exactly what you need to get you snapped out of the doldrums and back out into the streets.
This weekend worked out well. I did not follow the planned workouts to a tee, and there was a reason, but I did everything I wanted to do and was better than I thought I’d be, taking into account the lazy ass way I have been conducting myself. With Saturday being the kick off event for the Fall Team in Training group, I thought it was an opportune time to get back in the swing of things. The assigned run was only 4 miles (there’s that ONLY word again), and I was assigned 8.5, but I wanted to make sure my back was OK, so thought “let me get through this and see how it goes”. 
The run started off great, thanks to the MotoActv picking the right songs. If you have not looked into this toy you should really check it out. Not only does it have GPS, HR, etc. like most every other running tool, it ALSO has music that you can load from anywhere (yes, even iTunes) and then it tracks your performance against the songs playing, selecting “fitness songs” that you appear to perform at your best when they play. VERY cool. So anyway, thanks to it kicking off the run with Pop Evil’s “Boss’s Daughter” my run started strong, but about the 1 mile mark my back started tightening up on me. Crap. I started thinking “just get to the half way mark at least and then reassess”. So I made it to two miles (and here is where the change happened) and sat down and stretched out my back … touched toes, loosened it up, and then hit the run again. A week ago I would have stopped. The great thing was that the back loosened up and my second two miles were faster than my first two, with NO issues. I did feel it later that night, but it showed me two things: (1) that if I take a moment and forget the pace and stretch it out, it helps, and (2) Don’t Quit. It’s no longer an option.
Coach Lyle (of Runners World
cover fame). 
A word real quickly about Team in Training. If you have not had the opportunity to help or to participate you really should consider it. We got involved last year in the triathlon team and progressed to the running team now twice. I have NEVER met such a group of people willing to help and guide beginners through training. While the make up of the teams vary (I have found the running teams are much more friendly and close knit than the tri teams, who tend to be a bit more competitive) there are team members and coaches I have met through this venture that I would have never met otherwise that I now consider friends. They rock!
If you have the wherewithal, I am raising money as well through this team for cancer research, and though times are hard for every one I would greatly appreciate a small donation for this worthy cause. Every little bit helps. You can donate through my page HERE. I still have over $1100 to go to meet my goal. 
In the past I would have gone to breakfast after this meeting and then home, but this is a new dawn, so I had a swim on the schedule. No stopping! Off to LA Fitness to get my swim in. The schedule called for 2500 meters of toy intervals, but with my back tightening up I wanted to get through what I could, so I improvised and did warm up’s of 100m followed by some longer intervals and a few sprints at the end of 50m. I got 2000m in and was happy with that. The swim is the shortest of the disciplines so not too concerned with this, but this week will be back on the planned schedule KC gives us. No more excuses.
We had on the schedule today 35-40 miles in the hills, but since Jenny is still in “recovery mode” I didn’t want to push the luck with San Antonio, but the ride was GOING to happen, so we enlisted Megan and met at 8:30 at Suncoast for a 42 mile jaunt. There are some small inclines here, but not too bad, and it’s a basically straight shot course, so I thought it was best with both Jen and Megan only a week out from crashes. It was MY call so blame ME KC :-).
I pushed hard from the outset, with the idea of going hard for 5 miles, taking a short break, then going again for 5 until we hit the ball fields, then doing the same on the return. Kind of an interval type of training that I thought might mimic the hard pushing we would have had on the hills. From my reading and research I have learned that hard sprinting can build the muscles in much the same way, so with everything happening I took this as an opportunity to try it out. I am not sure if it worked, but my legs are as tight as they felt after San Antonio. My TE measurement was not pegged at 5 (about 2.8), which is a concern, and I know nothing can mimic Powell Road like Powell Road, but I think it was a good work out (Megan and Jenny can chime in how they felt as well). I am used to Jenny hanging with me, so was not surprised by her effort, though I am very proud of her for getting over her wreck last week and getting back in the saddle (you can follow her blog HERE. She promised to blog about it as well. Now she HAS to.). Megan is MUCH stronger than she has been letting on. She is in her first season and has made enormous progress in the short time she has been doing Triathlon’s. She is a runner by trade, but her bike has come such a long way from where she was when she trained with us for St. Anthony’s. She maintained at one point 19mph with me behind her. Very strong work. Very impressed.
So I end this weekend with a new look on this training. I feel reinvigorated. Re-energized. yes, the work week SUCKS, but I need to be strong and continue to train regardless. It just needs to be in my head that there is no reason NOT to work. None.
I hope you all keep me honest. 🙂
Some more pics from the Kick Off!!
The Bruised Sisters (Jenny and Megan)

Stretch it Out!!

The couple that trains together … well … you know.

Genna Beth in all her glory. So Shy is she!! Plus Megan’s
butt right behind her head. 🙂

Megan … Must … Have … Coffee

A very in depth conversation with Lyle and Jessica

Irene must capture EVERYTHING!

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