Ironman Waits for No One

Time waits for no man, and this is especially true in the Ironman. There is no time for injury, or burn out, or “just don’t feel like it”. A day without training easily turns into two, then three, then a week. A week without running sets you back immeasurably, much like grades in school. Takes forever to earn an A average, but make one error on one exam, and watch that average plummet. Same is for running. You can be running along at a 10:00 pace, but take a 1:00 walk break, and watch that pace drop to 13:00. It happens that fast. Don’t believe me? Go out and try it. And for even MORE clarity, see how long it takes to get the pace BACK to 10:00 after you walk. Impossible unless you then kick it to 8:30 pace and maintain that. Happens on the bike too. Work my tail off to keep the speed average at 17.5 or above, so I watched it the last time we rode. I hit it at 19 and maintained 19 for the entire loop (actually went to 23 for half a mile) and my speed went from 17.5 to 17.7, then in the amount of time it took me to slow down to stop my ride at my car, maybe a minute, it went from 17.7 to 17.2. Doesn’t seem fair.
Anyway, I am in the middle of a “lost week”. After Jenny’s crash last Saturday, and just basic life getting in the way, this week has flown by with almost ZERO training. With only 50 days until the Ironman in Augusta, this is not acceptable. I feel like crap today. And not because I am sick, or because of my back hurting, it’s because I have let Jenny down, my team down, my coach down, and MYSELF down.  Right now KC, Summer, Beth, and others are together at the beach training, and even if we had been invited I am not sure I would have gone. I would be embarrassed at my level of fitness right now.
Some of it is frustration also. I don’t feel like I am making progress. Yes I know I am much better than I was a year ago, but I mean tangible progress. While moving offices yesterday (they are out posting county staff all over due to the RNC here in Tampa. Thanks RNC!) we had to move items up stairs (there are no elevators at the Fleet Center where they have me … not sure how they get around the handicap laws). I was winded walking up the damn stairs. How can I be winded?? I have run half marathons, marathons, and Ironman races. How can a flight of stairs get me winded??? This on top of the weight issue, which is bound and determined to stay at 244 no matter what I do (13 months and counting now).
KC sent me an email in response to my last post, and true to form, she said exactly what I needed to hear. Blunt, to the point, but still supportive. Another friend (another Jennifer) also did the same thing through My Fitness Pal. This is what I was talking about in that post. There are times you need to be … not coddled but understood … and there are times you need to be kicked in the ass. 
This is a kick in the ass time.

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