We Got KC’ed

When you get beat by a woman in a triathlon (or any race for that matter), as a man, it is called “getting chicked”. Some people take that as an insult. Because I “get chicked” constantly, it is no big deal to me. Come to think of it, there isn’t one women I run, bike, or swim with that doesn’t beat me in at least one of the disciplines, and usually all three.

Jenny: The bike and the run
Kate: The swim
Genna Beth: The run
Megan: The run
Summer: All three
KC: All three

I am not sure why it doesn’t bother me. Probably goes back to the killer instinct issue. I actually find great pride in these women beating me (not that beating me is any big deal). Recently a couple of married teammates ran Top Gun and the guy got beat (by 9 seconds) by his wife. I thought that was pretty cool. Of course, his competitive fire was ignited so that evening at the Twilight race he made sure he did not get beat again. That’s just not in me I guess. I am not sure if at any point I will start beating these female teammates in the races, but I am pretty sure that it will never bother me.
I won’t go into the events yesterday during the ride because Jenny will be covering that in her blog, and it was her crash so I will let her explain it (you can see her blog here at Run, Run, Bunny, Run). There were two events that happened outside of that I would like to comment on though.

The first happened during our second loop. We were feeling pretty good at this point, averaging a pace of about 18 and were doing right at 19-20 at that point, when out of the blue here comes Joel and KC. FLYING by us. Now, other than the odd race, we have never really been riding with KC, so this was a chance to see if we could keep up.

“Catch them!” I said to Jenny, and we kicked it in, all the way to 22mph.

And they kept getting smaller and smaller in front of us.

Yes … we did not get chicked in this case. We got KC’ed. Silly people thinking we could catch her.

Later in that same loop, however, about 1 mile from the Morris Bridge Trailhead, another guy came buy us and yelled as he passed “latch onto my wheel and lets ride this out”. Something kicked in at that point. I was NOT letting this guy leave me. I geared up, hunkered down, went around Jenny and and pushed hard. I reached 24mph but I caught him and tucked in behind him. I finished that loop with him too. He did NOT leave me.

Now I am not an idiot. If this had been more than a mile I am not sure how long I could have stayed with him. I will say that once I caught him and tucked in behind, I never felt that I couldn’t maintain that speed, so I probably had another mile in me at least. It was a milestone in a way though. I showed myself that I could catch someone at that speed, and stay with them at least short term. Something like that goes a long way to improving your mental state. I had already done 28 miles at this point also, so I wasn’t “fresh” either.

I know now I CAN do this …

And I still don’t care if I get KC’ed … 

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