Don’t Whizz on the Electric Fence

There are a few things you learn as you grow older in life, things that your grandfather told you, or that your father told you, or just obvious things you learn on your own.
“Don’t Poke The Bear”

“Don’t Spit Into the Wind”

“Don’t Tug on Superman’s Cape”

You know … rules of the road so to speak.

“John,” you say. “How is THIS related to Triathlons??”.

I will tell you …

It goes along with a recent post I put up about angering the Tri Gods. Triathlon is not a sport or undertaking to go into lightly. In running, if you get tired, you can always walk. In Triathlon, not so much. Yes you can walk in the run portion, but what about the swim or the bike? You go into a swim unprepared and there is a possibility you could drown (slight, because of the precautions they take, but still a chance), and in the bike portion of a half ironman, you bonk at mile 25 and you’re walking 31 to get back to the start. You skimp on training for the major distances and you WILL pay for it. Trust me on that.

I follow a lot of people online that are in the middle of training for different races and different distances, but more than a few are training for the half iron’s. I offer encouragement when I can and as often as I can, but at what point do you start saying to a few of them “look, if you don’t knuckle down and get this training done you are not going to make it through this race”? Or is it even your place? I know a few of them would welcome the “kick in the pants”, and I know there are times when I definitely need one. But what of the others? You know, the ones you have noticed havent been in open water for a month, or those that run run run but forget about swimming and biking, or those that get on the elliptical because it’s “just too hot” and never run on the road, thinking this will prepare them? Do you say something or just let them find out the hard way?

How do you prepare for a race in Miami, or anywhere in Florida, and never run in the heat?

How do you prepare for a fresh water swim in cold water when you never swim in fresh water other than the pool (a HEATED pool at that)?

So you think you can make it because you run half marathon’s with ease? Have you ever run one after biking 56 miles?

Or how can you prepare for the hills of Haines City when you’ve never ridden the hills of San Antonio (my mistake at the Florida HIM)?

Try it. Then tell me how you do.

I am not the fastest by far, and I have paid for these shortcomings in the past, so I can offer what I know. It’s like the person who complains about weight but eats at 5 Guys (I know I use this example ALOT). If you have trouble running off the bike (I do) then perhaps you should be running off the bike every workout. Or if you struggle on hills (I do) then get your ass to the hills every weekend (I will). All the pain and suffering now will pay off on race day.

And if you don’t prepare? Well …. when I see the results expect to hear from me … “Ya Whizzed on the Electric Fence Didn’t Ya??”

2 thoughts on “Don’t Whizz on the Electric Fence

  • July 21, 2012 at 11:52 pm

    Agreed! I will say when I did my half IM I had NEVER done an open water swim or worn a wet suit ever!! I got in the water the day of the race, swam around and just did it. The swim was my best event.

  • July 21, 2012 at 12:29 am

    Love it…we will be in the hills EVERY weekend!

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