The Top Five

Sometime to move forward we have to revisit the past. I was thinking that as I was going through my blog ideas and decided to look at the most read posts from the beginning. I found it not surprising that Clydesdales was #1, and by a LARGE margin, but some of the others were a bit of a shock.
So to revisit, here are the Top 5 read posts from the past year. I hope you will click on and read them, and you agree they were some of the better ones (though I think some recent ones are better than these). Maybe in another year the list will be totally different.
This has been the most popular post since the very beginning. It was written at the very start of my triathlon training and was basically questioning why we, us larger men, are classified as “fat, hairy, horses” yet the larger women are “Athena’s. A decent post I guess. I think most of the reason this is so high on the hit list is that googling “Clydesdale”, “Athena”, and/or “Triathlon” brings it up.
#2 on the hit parade, probably because it has the word “anal” in it. Was mostly about my obsession with data and numbers. Kind of surprised it is #2, but I will take it.
Race reports tend to be hit on a high basis, but this is the only one in the top 5, coming in at #3. Probably, once again, due to the word “poop” (I am finding that interesting titles tend to get the most hits. This was a race report for the Disney Marathon in January 2012.
This was a repost of a list I have found of things that, if you can identify with, means you’re getting old. Some funny things in it, but I cannot take credit for it since it wasn’t my writing. Funny enough for #4 though.
From September of last year, right after my 48th birthday, and about two weeks after starting my job after 8 months of unemployment. It was about how I had gotten used to having the time to train and how, even though the no work and job hunt was stressful, the freedom it afforded was nice. The readjustment to training while working was difficult (sometime I still deal with, like yesterday when I got stuck at work and missed my workout with Jennifer). 
After reading these 5 again I can honestly say that my writing has improved over the past year. I can still get overly wordy, and some posts are quite long, but I think if you sit down to write, then write. I hate blog entries that are one paragraph. If it’s so little to only be a paragraph, tweet it. LOL.

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