Weight … What???

After fighting this weight issue for years now, I have decided that I could possibly put a finger on the problem if I used my job skills and try to pinpoint what is going on. So I went to my online food tracking site. MyFitnessPal, and looked back to January and recorded each date that I PEAKED with a substantial weight gain (n>=1.5 pounds) and each time that I DROPPED substantially (n>=1.5 pounds).
Putting that all into a spreadsheet, and then developing a pivot table on that data gave me the following results:
So, the situation is this. For years if I ate a high number of carbs each day I would gain weight, but in looking at this data you can see on the days I peaked in weight gain, my average carb intake was 123.6 grams. On the days I had a substantial weight loss my average carb intake was 203.6 grams.
That is 80 grams MORE on the loss days than the gain days. Have I been doing it wrong all this time, trying to keep my carbs low, when in reality a higher carb intake is creating the greater weight loss? I had done this in the past and the result was opposite. Granted, this was done over 10 years ago, so has my body changed since starting the training aspect? Has my body composition learned to burn carbs, and therefore not giving me the results I needed?
The other thing that pops out is the protein and the calories. Protein intake was higher on the loss days than the peak days (114.4:77.6) and overall calories were higher on loss days than peak days (1913.7:1645.1).
So it is probably a combination of increasing both carbs and protein per day.
In looking at the days associated it also falls in line. The days are actually the consumption day, with the weight data from the day after (i.e. Monday is the date of consumption, with the weight data from Tuesday morning). This makes sense. I always find a weight loss after swimming on Wednesday, and it shows in the Low data that Wednesday consumption (which is also my normal swim workout day) results in weight loss on Thursday the most of any other day (n=3). Likewise, my peak days are on Sunday and Tuesday, which are usually my highest workout days, and when I try to eat the fewest carbs to foster weight gain, and which is seeming to do the exact opposite.
So what does this mean? Hopefully some of you reading this with some medical or nutrition background (Jenny, Kelli, et. al.) may have some ideas? Please share if you do.
Aren’t statistics fun?? 

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