Thoughts While Riding the Badger

“Wow, this bike is really light … I wonder if it will hold me up”

“Clips work the same … thank God”

“Ok … lets just see if we can do one loop. Stop if you need to. Take it easy.”

“Holy Crap … this is very weird”

“So this what the front of my bike looks like”

“Ok … pedal slowly”

“Man this seat is finding spots on my bum that I didn’t know were there.”

“Thank God for the two prongs … I’d be squished for sure”

“Ok…pedal … pedal …”

“Why the Hell does it feel like I am pushing no matter what gear I am in????”

“Ok…there is NO comfortable spot on this bike. None.”

“Am I really doing 23 miles per hour???”

“If something runs out of those woods I will never see them … this must be why KC hits those animals”

“Stop lifting your head up …. “

“This riding in aero thing is hard”


“Ok…mishap avoided. Why did that thing look like it was laughing at me??”

“Pedal Pedal Pedal … keep legs moving …. “

“Even coasting hurts …. “

“What do you mean that’s only two miles?????”

One thought on “Thoughts While Riding the Badger

  • June 22, 2012 at 7:51 pm

    I thoroughly enjoyed this!

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