Little Rubber People

You know what is irritating? I hate it when I read a magazine article, or see on TV, people complaining about their weight or weight loss issues and they weigh maybe 10 pounds over what they should weigh. Don’t the people making these spots or writing these articles realize that it’s a huge turn off to the MANY of us they struggle with weight each day?
Seriously, the last thing I need is some little rubber person telling me how to lose weight.
I would rather listed to someone who had been heavy before. Like Jillian Michaels. At least she knows what it’s like and the issues that go along with weight gain and loss.
You know what else is irritating? Nutrition Specialists who still preach the high carb and low fat diet, and worse of all, the food pyramid. Aren’t they teaching the correct things yet in these schools? The so called specialists are the ones setting the nutritional values of school lunches, which (according to the HBO documentary “Weight of the Nation”), 80% do NOT meet standard nutritional guidelines.
FAT does NOT make you FAT. It clogs arteries and other issues, but it does not make you fat!
CARBS DO make you fat!! Especially if you do not burn them. Exercise burns the contents of your stomach and then your stores. If you do not burn the fuel in your stomach it gets STORED as FAT. So it’s easy for these little rubber people to preach the high carb diet, because they exercise 12 hours a day and have a high metabolism that burns the fuel.
The rules are simple if you want to eat healthy. If man had to touch it to make it, then don’t eat it.
Simple? That means no WHITE rice. No BREAD. No PASTA (and as an italian that pains me more than you know). It’s common sense. The harder people try to make it the easier it is to just say “Stuff It” and give up. 
And you know what else?
PLEASE stop paying attention to BMI. BMI doesn’t take into account muscle mass. Which means a muscular guy at 5’10 and 250 would be considered obese. Zach Thomas (Linebacker for the Dolphins awhile ago) fell into this category. It’s all BS. I am not only overweight in this system (which I am I know), I am considered not only obese by MORBIDLY obese. Remember I just completed a Half Ironman and have done a number of Half Marathon’s and a full marathon. Name me a morbidly obese person that could do that?
I mean … other than me of course. 🙂 

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