Don’t Do the Crime if You Can’t Do the Time

I guess this could be a continuation from the last blog entry about little rubber people. When I write I am astonished by a few things. The first being that ANYONE reads this at all, since I write for myself, to get ideas and thoughts out of my head (there’s so little room for the things in there already). The second being to work things out that I am struggling with, either in training directly, with things mentally, etc. And the last is that there are people that take my tongue in cheek writing as serious, or that I take myself too seriously. Part of the problem there, and with the internet as a whole, is that it’s easy to hide behind the keyboard and type out feelings when you don’t see directly the harm or reaction you can cause others. I learned that the hard way about 6 months ago and I won’t make that mistake again. Believe that. I try to stick mostly to training issues, which is the intent of this blog anyway, and leave the personal crap out. That’s best left for something more personally intended, like Facebook or Twitter. 🙂
So, anyway, yesterday I blogged about the irritation I have with little rubber people telling those of us how best to lose weight when they have never had to do it. It was my personal observations, and MAN did it get a reaction. I have NEVER touted myself to be an expert in nutrition, because I am not, but what I AM an expert in is how nutrition affects me personally, and that is what I was writing about. Some took that as me writing as an expert in the field. While we worked it out, I will be careful to state in the future that it’s MY perception and not intended to be viewed as the gospel. They even had issue with my use of Jillian Michaels as my example, until I explained that she was the first one that popped in my head as someone that was heavy and got in shape. I could have easily used Richard Simmons. But wouldn’t you rather see a picture of Jillian? 
Close call I know right?
So, as I tweeted yesterday (you can follow me at @NewTampaTri), what I find very irritating are people that complain about how hard it is to lose weight and how fat they are, and then you get little posts through 4Square, or FaceBook, that has them checking into Five Guys, or Cherry Berry, or Taco Bell, or some bar for drinks. 
Look, I am NOT against going out sometimes and pigging out. Sometimes you need it, and it can actually kickstart weight loss for some when a  plateau was hit, but if you’re checking in 5 nights a week to these places … SPOILER ALERT …. 
you’re NOT going to LOSE weight and you WILL get FAT … 
Part of this is jealousy because I would love to be one of those people who can drink, and eat, and not gain a pound. I am not, and I don’t begrudge you for being able to. It’s not the act, it’s the complaining afterwards (and during( that gets me. So, go ahead and go, but fair warning, if you do go and you complain around me about being fat … you will be called on it … just as I would EXPECT and WELCOME people to do it to me. It was the point that those around me DIDN’T point it out and call me on the carpet that I got so big. No it wasn’t their fault. It was entirely mine, but to buy it for me when it was known I was having issues, well, wasn’t helping.

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