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My biorhythms must be low …

Remember biorhythms? Back in the day there was a huge movement about them. Basically it was a science that believed you went through cycles from the day you were born in your Mental, Emotional, and Physical “waves” and that you could track these throughout your life to find optimal periods where your performance would be at peak form. I made a comment today that I must be at the bottom on my curve recently because I have felt so slow and unmotivated. I decided to look, and here is my chart for today:

Lo and Behold, my cycle for intelligence is on the down curve, peaking on June 8th, then heading back up. Who says this isn’t science??? That coupled with the moon being full and my birth sign of Virgo rising, no wonder I’m a mess.
I mean … if you believe that sort of thing.
Mine I think its more related to my medication being off, or non-existant. At the risk of angering a certain doctor I am in leagues with, I tend to “forget” to take my weekly shots at times, and I also tend to “forget” to re-order when I am low too. For those new to this blog, I had thyroid cancer back in 1994, and after having it removed, along with my left vocal cord (which is why I have nerve issues when trying to breathe while swimming … especially when panicked because my throat will seize up), and years of fighting my weight gain, I finally found a doctor that tested me for testosterone. Having Low-T is normal when pushing 50, but when he tested me mine was just under 180. Normal for my age is 300-800.
Not good … 
So he started me on a weekly shot, which I give myself. This worked to some extent, especially at first, but my weight stalled after 20 pounds. After RE-testing me he found my system was changing the T I had to estrogen. So throw in another med that I take once a week to prevent THAT from happening.
The bottom line is that, when ANY of these meds (including natural Thyroid, not synthroid) are off even the slightest bit, it can affect mood, weight, sharpness, sexual ability. It’s a pain in the ass (no pun intended).
Luckily the group I train with and those I live with understand this issue by now. Some are more understanding than others, but hey, if I can live with it then they can live with it too.

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