This One is JUUUUSSSST Right

Getting fitted for a bike is always amazing to me. I love watching the process, seeing how the little contacts they place all over you translates to a little stick figure on the computer screen, and how that tells the tailor where to make the adjustments. Just amazes me. I wish they would put the screens so that I could actually see them though, but maybe that’s for a reason so that I stop looking at the screen and concentrate on keeping a smooth pedal motion.
I went to Kona today to get Badger fitted to me. Badger, if you do not know, is the name of my new TT Bike, a Scott Plasma 20. The guys at Kona have always been great to us as a whole. They have never taken advantage of the newbies, even when we first started. Dave, the bike fitter (or tailor), even GAVE me a bike rack for my car when I first got Mario (Scott Speedster 40) because he know I couldn’t afford it, and he had an extra sitting in his garage. Seriously … how many people working in a bike store would do that for someone?? It makes the occasional mistakes they make, like forgetting to order my pedals, OK because they have gone above and beyond so many times. If you are in, or will be in, the Tampa area pay tem a visit. You won’t be disappointed. You can also vist them online at or on Twitter using @sbrtampa. 
The picture is of my bike model. The only difference is that I had an Adamo seat installed in place of the Fizik that came with it (a shame too since the Fizik was white and green, and matched, but the junk is more important than looking good) and I have a couple of bottle holders behind the seat and an aero hydration in the front. I almost look like a real triathlete all of a sudden.
So after some sawing on the seat post, some widening of the aero bars, and a test ride, we loaded up the new aero’s and headed to Flatwoods to test them out.
I will say this right up front …. this is going to take some getting used to.
Here are some things I found out today:
  • On a road bike you can look around, see way out in front of you, and therefore cannot be snuck up on by critters, children, and other riders/walkers/runners/skaters. This is not so easy in an aero position. After about 1/4 mile your neck starts getting very stiff, so you concentrate on the road directly in front of you. I always wondered when our coach/friend KC would say things about hitting wild pigs, etc. I always wondered how they didn’t see them. And … now I know.
  • Being in an aero position makes my shoulders ache.
  • My glasses fall down my nose too damn much in the aero position.
  • The fingering I did on my road bike to change gears doesn’t work so well on this bike. The gear shifting is much stiffer.
  • The arthritis I have in my hands and wrists are not happy with the position, but they will have to deal with it. I will give them Advil. HTFU hands.
  • My ass is not happy with the seat, but it will adjust. 
  • I was in a head wind and still moving at 18 mph … this … is a good thing.
  • I was in a stronger head wind and moved at 15 mph … this … is a bad thing.
  • My lower leg muscles felt great after the ride.
  • My upper front legs and hips did NOT feel the same way, and I am certain I will hear from them tomorrow.
  • I only managed one loop, feeling like I was at square one again. Jennifer was quick to point out though, that when I was REALLY at square one I could only muster 10-11 mph. As usual, she is right.
  • Having hydration right in front of your face ROCKS!
  • Having to kick your leg OVER two water bottles in back of bike is HARDER than it looks.
  • I kept trying to shift gears when my hands were near brakes. Didn’t work.
  • The wind blows a lighter bike around the road much more than the heavier bike. 
I am sure these issues will slowly dissipate the better I get and the more time in the saddle. Training for Georgia 70.3 in September begins on Monday, so I am sure KC will have that covered in spades.

2 thoughts on “This One is JUUUUSSSST Right

  • June 3, 2012 at 12:24 am

    1. This post made me smile.
    2. Your bike is PIMP for realzzz.
    3. There are “some” genuinely good people in the world I am glad you found one in a bike shop non the less.
    4. The neck and shoulders will get use to holding aero, I promise, I felt the same way.
    5. The ISM Adamo took my rear a good while to get use to, now I LOVE it.
    6. Totally agree on the difference a tri bike makes your legs feel. Leaves your running muscles ready to run!
    7. Listen to Jen and Kc! Your not starting over you made an adjustment which will make you faster come race day.
    8. No negative thoughts about yourself are allowed or I will come to FL and hunt you down.
    9. Did I mention I love this post?
    10. You ARE awesome!

  • June 2, 2012 at 11:47 pm

    This is such an awesome post! First let me say, that is a killer, beautiful bike. Second, your shifters will loosen up as you use them. Third thing, the ISM Adamo takes a good 5-8 weeks to get used to and you will feel it in places you never thought possible. I hated it for awhile but now I do ♥ the saddle and never even think about it at all anymore. Fourth thing, having water in your face rocks. Fifth thing, all of those muscles you are using in completely different ways, will adapt. They have no choice. And last but not least, you are so not even close to being back to square one, silly!

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