Some of the Things I Have Learned

I’d like to present some random lessons from the last year of triathlon (also my first):


  • Your wall will usually be the length of your longest training session, so do the race distance plus!
  • Work out your hydration and fuel issues during training, and then don’t deviate!
  • Find your box and stay in it. Your box will change depending on the conditions of the day (health, weather, mental), but the trick is to find the place where you are effective.
  • If it’s wetsuit legal, wear the damn wetsuit!
  • If someone grabs your foot (GRAB, not hit, brush, etc.) it is OK to knock them silly when they try to pass you, regardless of sex or age.
  • There are NO sharks!
  • There are NO lake zombies!!
  • No One ever died from touching a piece of seaweed!!!
  • I will NOT drown!!!!
  • It’s cool to be able to power a bike to over 20mph
  • It’s cool to be able to ride a bike for a longer distance then you drove to get to the race
  • Foot cramps suck
  • One Word – BUTT-R!!
  • You don’t have to run the whole way. Using a run/walk split is not illegal
  • Legs don’t like running after they have been bike, and will let you know quickly
  • It’s OK to walk until they decide to work for you
  • When you see a camera, RUN! Then there is no proof you walked 🙂
  • Being recognized on the course is COOL
  • Homeowners that voluntarily stand out on the course and hose you down with water ROCK!
  • Chaffing hurts when hot water in a shower hits it
  • Everyone’s medal looks the same, regardless of time, pace, or place
  • Cold beer tastes really good when you are hot
and finally … 
It’s OK to be FAT, SLOW, and a TRIATHLETE. At least I am out there. 🙂

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