You Know You’re a Runner When …

I saw this on a friends blog (HERE) which was copied from another blog (HERE). So many things on here are true, so I may have to start considering myself a runner. That, in itself, is SCARY.

The things I do I will highlight in BLUE and comment in italics.
. . . you see a 13.1 sticker on a car’s bumper and know what it means.
. . . the theme from “Rocky” gives you goose bumps. (I actually HATE this song)
. . . you know where your illiotibial band is located. (Um…doesn’t everyone??)
. . . you keep running clothes in the carry-on and business clothes in a checked bag.
. . . you give up running for Lent. (I’m a BAD Catholic)
. . . you consider pasta a food group. (Love it but never eat it anymore)
. . . you plan vacations around races.
. . . dogs have to hurry to keep up with you.
. . . you spend $100 on running shoes but buy your dress shoes in the clearance section. (I’ve been wearing the same dress shows for a year now but have switched running shoes three times in last 6 months)
. . . you can easily convert kilometers to miles, and vice-versa. (not easily but I can do it)
. . . you have a tan line when you take off your runner’s watch. (a badge of honor: the tri-tan. from mid thigh to sock line, and upper arm to watch and RoadID line)
. . . people are amazed you can eat so much and stay so thin. (Not this kid. I GAIN weight.)
. . . you’re excited that your next birthday will put you in a new racing age group. (The older I get the better my chances!)
. . . your calf muscles are bigger than your biceps. (Oh Yeah!!)
. . . you get a massage but it’s not for pleasure. (I have NEVER had a massage)
 . . . old running shoes and shorts are part of your emergency pack in your car’s trunk 
. . . you use “easy run” and “5 miles” in the same sentence. (I had a whole blog about this. Not sure when it became “easy”)
. . . you go into Starbucks more often to use the bathroom than to buy coffee. (Still go for coffee)
. . . you have more shoes than your wife and they’re all for running. (A new thing for me … shoes shoes shoes)

. . . you enjoy going to the golf course, but not to golf.

. . . you give up Friday happy hour because you have a long run the next morning. (I don’t do happy hour)
. . . you’re envious when you see runners on the road and you’re driving in a car. (Another new thing for me. Love being outside)
. . . you spend more on running clothes than on school or work clothes. (Without a doubt)
. . . you’re the only one outside in the pouring rain. (and I like it)
. . . many of your toenails are not pink anymore.
. . . you’re actually proud of your blackened toe nails.  
. . . there is a “running” playlist on your iPod (I actually have several for moods and for beats per second)
. . . you see a hill and want to run up it (just for the challenge)
. . . you correct others that a marathon is really 26 point two miles. (that .2 is the killer part)
. . . you view drinking beer as carbo-loading.
. . . you go for a run the morning of your wedding day.
. . . you chafe in strange places (and I still show the scar)
. . . you get mad that an injury keeps you from running, not that it damaged your body. (nothing irritates me more)
 . . . your first question to the doctor is “How soon can I go running again?” (haven’t had this issue yet. I just go.)
. . . your ideal temperature outside is between 45 and 60.
. . . you have no problem awaking early Saturday morning, but hit the snooze M-F. (Oh Man is THIS true.)
. . . you arrive sooner using the steps than the ones taking the elevator. (always)
. . . you’d rather take those steps than the elevator. (ALWAYS)
. . . on business trips you run around the hotel parking lot to get your daily run in.
. . . you generate more laundry than a newborn. (LOL …. oh yeah)
. . . you consider your daily run as therapy or an anti-depressant. (It’s the only thing that works)
. . . you know exactly how far that daily run was. (my GARMIN AWLAYS knows!!!!)
. . . you run for fun.  No, seriously.

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