Treading Water Against the Current

This Saturday is the first Open Water swim training of the season. I have 5 Sprint Triathlon’s under my belt from least season, and this season have stopped using the snorkel. I can swim in the pool 2400 meters without much effort, breathing comfortably, switching from same side breaths to breathing every other side … no problems …

So WHY does the prospect of swimming in the ocean still scare the crap out of me?

I should say that even though I have last years races under me, two of them (Escape and Top Gun) I had swim issues, resulting in back stroking after only .25 miles in. The Crystal River series, and MAd Beach I had no issues.

I think what my fear is that I have built up a rather comfortable feeling in the pool, and I am worried that if I panic again Saturday my confidence if going to be killed and I will be back at square one.

I know I need to do more to build the confidence, but the fear of failing is almost crippling.

I re-read a post I made last year (HERE) where I went out with Jenny and Dawn for a first taste of ocean swimming. I did well that day and remember feeling very good after it. Then came the race, and after that epic panic attack (although I DID finish the race), I lost all confidence. I regained it after Mad Beach and Crystal River, but then Top Gun came (once again at Fort DeSoto) and BOOM, panic attack again.

Anyone with ANY advice??????

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