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OK … I know there are people reading this that will say “Relax”, or “Don’t worry so much about this”, but it is really getting frustrating. I have ranted about this before, but I am at my wits end trying to figure this out, and more importantly, what to do about it.
Yes loyal readers …. I am talking about my weight …. again.
This morning I weighed 246.2 pounds. One month ago exactly I weighed … 246.2 pounds. In between this period I have run countless training runs, training rides, and lap upon lap in the pool. I completed the Rock and Roll Half Marathon, the Gasparilla 15k, 5k and Half Marathon. Regardless of even the past month I looked back 10 months … and ten months ago today I weighed … yes … 246.2 pounds.
So I dug a little deeper (being the data driven analytical nerd that I am) to try to find a trend of any kind. Since February 10 my eating has netted a negative 4300 calories overall. This should equate, at least, to a one pound weight loss. This is not including the calories burned during exercise. If you include that I am negative 12,000 calories. That’s about a 3-4 pound weight loss. Yet … I weigh the same.
I don’t buy that its muscle build or water retention either. I can see that have a little effect, but over ten months there should be some change in weight. Why am I holding at 245-ish for so long?
Besides the obvious aesthetic reasons for weight loss, I mean we all want to look better; there is a practical reason for shedding these pounds also. I want to do better in races. My aerobic conditioning has improved a great deal. The only thing that holds me back now is injuries, and these injuries (mostly during the runs) are shins and feet. All related to weight. I read recently that you take every pound over your ideal weight and multiply by seven to discover the extra force you are putting on your skeletal base during a run. So if my ideal is 210 pounds, I am 35 pounds over ideal racing weight. 35 x 7 = 245 pounds of additional force being heaped on my frame each step. No wonder my shins and feet are crying.
Imagine how much faster I’d be without this weight on me! Another article I read recently stated that every 10 pounds is worth 10 minutes in half marathon race time. Meaning that if I was 35 pounds lighter, with no additional effort other than where I am right now, I’d be 35 minutes faster. My PB for a half marathon is 2:58:58. At my current fitness level, at 210 pounds I could expect my time to be 2:23:58. That’s almost respectable. And IMAGINE the pounding my feet and knees would be relieved of also!!
I’m not beaten yet. I refuse to let this beat me. I am GOING to figure this out … I have a hunch my medication for thyroid is still off so have blood work coming up soon. Any other advice is also appreciated, as long as it’s not “don’t worry … it’s just muscle”.
It’s not …

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