Suck it Up, Buttercup!!

We all have days where we don’t feel like training, working, reading, eating, getting out of bed. A day of that here and there is not an issue. I think it’s your body telling you to “Back Off, Son” before it goes into complete melt down and just stops on you.
I don’t think I have ever felt the “stop” full on, but I’ve seen it. People collapsing meters from the finish line at a triathlon, so close they can almost touch the line, but their body just won’t allow it. That’s where the body shows that it is the one in control. It could have done this half way through the run, but no, your body waits until you have completed the race, for all intents and purposes, and can see the finish. The your body says “See. You could have done this. But you didn’t listen. So I have let you run 26.1 miles. Now you are done.” and it shuts off.
I am not the best training partner when it comes to injuries or illnesses. I kind of suck actually. I am trying to get into training mode and focus on what I need to do, and anything negative really distracts me from it. So, after years of doing the worse thing, vocalizing my irritation, I now “shut down” and say nothing, which can sometimes be worse, and makes me come across as a non-sympathetic ass.
My point, I guess, as a dumb male, is if you feel ill then don’t train, and if you’re going to train anyway, then train.
But I know I come across the wrong way, and I am trying to work on it. Everyone has their triggers, and I have to find the right triggers for those I train with …. personally, if you piss me off, or get me pissed off at myself, that will get me going (normally) unless I am truly sick (which is RARE) or hurt (MORE OFTEN THAN SICK). I had a head cold and a pounding headache the other day, but I was still out there swimming my 2000 meters with no complaining. I think where I go wrong is that I try to hold others to the same standard, and we as people are different and react differently. I hurt someone’s feelings that night without really meaning too, but I know she will forgive me :).

One thought on “Suck it Up, Buttercup!!

  • January 21, 2012 at 1:43 am

    very interesting JC. you remind me of how i worked as a personal trainer for a living. many of my clients, who still remain close friends, were held to the standards i set for myself. it took some time to figure out, i couldn't expect that from others and when i did, i always got disappointed somewhere down the line. one of my very good friends/former client for 10 years once said to me, “Kristie, i'm not a machine!” we laugh about it now but she was right. everyday is a learning experience. we make mistakes. the key is learning from them and trying to not continue repeating these mistakes. i'm babbling, lol! by the way, kudos for swimming even w/a headache. i always get a worse headache from swimmimg. i think it has something to do w/ the pressure from the goggles and cap.

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