Just Sayin’ ….

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Have you ever noticed how some sayings you use personally are taken the wrong way by others? I was told yesterday by Jenny that when I text something, or post something, and put “just sayin’” at the end, that she finds that offensive. I had NO clue that she took it that way, and tried to explain that I mean it as a joke, kind of a smart-ass joke granted, but a joke nonetheless.

It made me wonder about others things I might say as a habit that is taken wrong. I mean, I have my own issues with certain things. I HATE when I text someone and they respond with a “K”. It seems so dismissive to me. Another thing I despise is the term “whatever”. I finally got my son broken of that habit, but man, when I am telling someone something and they look away and say that word … I could literally cut out their heart with a spoon.

Another one popped up by an old friend the other day on her facebook page. She made a comment about people who use the term “Thanks” instead of “Thank You”. I never have had a problem with that, probably because I use the term “Thanks” myself and I know I mean nothing derogatory by it. I think it is in the way it is presented in this case.

Plus … Shannon is a sensitive soul … just sayin’ …

So I am now looking back through old postings for statements and/or sayings I use that may come across the wrong way. Not sure what they may be because I personally have no issue with ANYTHING I say … 🙂

So … if anyone knows of a phrase or term I use that I shouldn’t, please let me know. I promise not to be offended 🙂

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