He tasks me! He tasks me, and I shall have him! I’ll chase him round the Moons of Nibia, and round the Antares Maelstrom, and round perdition’s flames before I give him up! Prepare to alter course!

I don’t know about most of you out there, but I have learned from watching others I have trained with over the last year that having a ‘nemesis’ makes you a better racer.

Even if this ‘nemesis’ is a just someone you make up, and actually is a very nice person, it seems to help light the fire on race day, or on long training runs/rides/swims, when you are determined not to let this person beat you in any way. It makes you get out of bed a 5-by-god-AM to get that early run in before work, because you damn well know that THEY are up and running.

Jennifer has one (I will not name them). This person poses no real threat to Jenny … but she gets it in her head that they will NOT beat her … that she will out pace them in training … she will finish before them in a race (be it a 5k or a Triathlon or a marathon). She WILL win. And it seems to help her.

I don’t really have one, and I think that goes back to a previous post I wrote about Killer Instinct. I just don’t have that. There was one racer I did post about that is shorter than me, at least 50 pounds heavier, and maybe 3 years older, that finished on the podium all the time and runs 9:00 miles. I actually was impressed until I saw him cutting the course at Crystal River … so ‘nemesis’ or not, I can’t get all worked up about beating someone if I know they cheat. Cheaters will always find a way to beat you anyway.

Maybe the best option is to make yourself the ‘nemesis’??

In the long run, you are the one you are competing against the most correct? I’m never going to win an Ironman, a Marathon, or even a 5k. I have started this game way too late to be a serious competitor, but it’s not the reason I do it. I just had enough of being fat and lazy. It was time. Something flicked the switch, and I needed a challenge. But, as I stated in the previous blog, I do wish I could develop this Killer Instinct. I marvel at Jenny when she gets passed during a training ride. She doesn’t even know she does this consciously, but she lowers down on her bike, and she goes … she PISSED that someone passed her. She may not be able to pass them, let alone catch them, but she tries. I don’t have that for some reason. If I am out there to train at 17 mph, I train at 17 mph. I could care less if someone flies by me.

What DOES work for me is being held directly accountable. This is why the team training works with me. Having people waiting on me, or dependent on me to pick them up, will get me moving. If I had to do it alone I would have a hard time doing it (and HAVE a hard time). KC wrote recently in a blog post about getting a text from a fellow DailyMiler taking her to task about doing a lot of training for a week but having NO swim miles in. That got her to the pool. That would work with me I think.

So maybe my ‘nemesis’ is my own lackadaisical manner? This is the inner demon I fight with constantly? 

Makes sense …. 

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  • December 4, 2011 at 10:01 pm

    Nemesis? Lil ol me? Nevah..hah! Great blog!

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