We Train Where You Vacation

Yesterday morning it was 43 degrees outside.

Now, before all you followers and readers from those “other” states north of Gainesville start poo-pooing that temperature as if it is nothing, remember where I am from …. Florida … the “Sunshine State”. Yes, we may have an idiot Governor that gives away a $15 million light rail project that would have created over 2,000 jobs … and we maybe be in the bottom ten when it comes to education (again, that Gov Scott) … and we may have the city with the highest unemployment AND under employment rate, and a housing market in the dumps … but what we do have is sunshine and beaches.

But not yesterday …

It was COLD out there … and add to that winds in the 20 mph range … anyone willing to actually ride a bike in that must be out of their minds.

That’s where I come in …

I am not a cold weather person. Why I refer coolness to heat when I am sleeping, when I am working out I would much rather be sweating and getting sunstroke then freezing my twig and berries off. Much like in the swim, I would prefer the bath tub like temp of the Crystal River Triathlon (87degrees) then the wet suit legal Escape from Fort DeSoto (68 degrees). But I remained a valid member of the HTFU Club (ask me later if you don’t know what that means) and put on my long thermals bike pants (with tri shorts under them), my long sleeved Starter shirt, my bike jersey, and my Perl Izumi jacket. I was heading out.

When I started this journey last year I was vehemently against training in the cold. I would take the treadmill over the outside in a second, and even jump on a cycle machine in the gym before thinking about riding in the cold, and a pool swim was ALWAYS preferred.

Something happened in the last year though. I have learned to love the outside training. I cannot imagine picking a treadmill over a run outside, nor do I get anywhere near a cycle machine in the gym. In fact, the only reason for a gym workout now is to use the pool, and that is only because a trip to open water is not an option during the week. I am not a fan of open water (yet) but it is my hope by this time next year I will feel different about that as well.

We are starting to put together races for next year, deciding which triathlon’s to do, mixed with a century ride here and there and a few marathons. Swimming still scares the hell out of me. The thought of DeSoto or St. Anthony’s is anxiety provoking. Speaking of St. Anthony’s (and the idea behind the post title), I was thinking this week about that race. The Team in Training shirts have emblazoned on the back “We Train Where you Vacation”. This was very evident during this race. There were TNT teams from all over the country there for that race, including Ohio, Pennsylvania, Chicago, and New York. It hit us that, for many of these people, training looked like this:

Not something I ever want to experience

When we saw them, and the look on their faces when they saw open water, many of them for the first time, it was a bit amusing, but I felt their fear. I grew up here and I was scared. I can’t imagine how they felt.

2 thoughts on “We Train Where You Vacation

  • November 14, 2011 at 4:51 am

    I also dislike the cold, as you know, but I am a member of the HTFU club =) and will train be it rain, sun, wind, and… snow (I can say snow because we don't get any).

  • November 14, 2011 at 12:51 am

    Another thing about training where many people vacation — we don't get an off-season! (I wrote a blog about that once when all the athletes were complaining about what to do/eat/etc.) We race year-round and that's both fantastic and horrible all at once.

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