Never Turn Your Back on a Charging Turtle

Once again I find myself injured. Same foot injury as before, only on the left foot this time. And … as before … I find it extremely frustrating to not be able to go out and do what I enjoy doing, pain free, for as long as I want to do it. It has come to the point that I spend most of my run not relaxing and enjoying the outdoors, the company, the freedom of just running, but instead constantly monitoring my body for the tell take ache or pain that signals the oncoming stoppage.

I had a plan this time. I was having an issue with the inside lower calf for a few weeks, the pain only bad if I pressed against the bone, but a knot continually popping up. So after running the 10k in DeLand, I did not run for a whole week, knowing I had a long run of 15 miles the next weekend. After watching a great episode of Inside Sports on HBO about running addiction (highly recommended … check it out) I noticed a few running forms on the ultra runners that seems to limit the impact on knees and feet, so I thought I would try it. Basically came down to small strides and not lifting the legs and feet as much.

I quickly realized that it did limit the impact, and I could actually move faster when I was in my running splits, getting into the 10:00’s a number of times. I passed the one mile … than two mile …. than three miles … no problem. Then right at the 4 mile mark (3.76 to be exact) I felt a sharp shooting pain in my left foot … the all too familiar pain that I felt in my right foot a few months ago. I stopped … cussed …. rested a bit with Jenny … then ran the rest of the way to the mile 4 water hut. I sat down and massaged the foot, then we decided that Jen would keep going and I would head back to the Mile 2 trail head, see how it felt, then if OK head up the other way and meet her.

Once I started going it actually did feel OK. I felt an ache but I could run through it. I got my Alice Cooper going on the iPod, and when I reached the trail head I kept going. But once again, right at the 4th mile the stabbing pain came back. Right as Jenny came into sight. I hobbled back to the trail head and sat my fanny down and waited until she got her 4 more miles in. Then struggled the last two miles back to the car. Got back home and got ice on it along with Vitamin I. Ached all day at work today, to the point I actually made a doctor appointment (if you know me then it MUST be hurting for to do that).

It’s very easy to get down in these instances. One because you want to get out and train. Two, because you need that stress relief. Biking indoors doesn’t do it for me. I need running. But Jen had the positive spin for it … I don’t have another run until December 11th (Miami Latin Half), so I should take the time to get healed. It could be worse …

That’s one of the reasons I need her around …. she keeps me going when I want to stop.

So I will heal eventually … and I will compete in December.

So watch out Bugs …. the Turtle is coming up behind you. He may not catch you …. but he will be there waiting.

One thought on “Never Turn Your Back on a Charging Turtle

  • October 26, 2011 at 9:42 am

    Reading your blog takes me back to when i first started running. I had lots of aches & pains. I slowly ran thru the pain, rested as needed, iced A LOT but just kept at it smartly, just like you are doing now. I don't think much about my running style, but i think i run w/small strides, not a high pick up at all, almost a shuffle, very low impact, at least as low impact as running can be. You have plenty of time to get prepped for the MLH in Dec. Plus, you have 1 under your belt already!!

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