CycleOps: or, How I Build Character by Cycling in Place

I was told today that using the indoor trainer, in my case CycleOps, builds character …. Hmmmm …..

KC is such a smart cookie most times … but I don’t feel like it has built character, sitting in one place, spinning pedals, numbly listening to anything and everything I can think of through my iPod to get my mind off the tedium, trying to figure out a way to continue moving the pedals without thinking about moving the pedals. “Fountains of Wayne” blasting through “Maureen” or “Little Red Light” … yes … those two tunes work … almost a perfect 18 mph pace if I maintain the rhythm …. just get through the song … 3:30 seconds is doable, then a slower tune from FOW, maybe “Hackensack”, or I will switch to “the Eels” and get lost in the lyrics of Mark Everett …. oh wait …. he’s known just as “E” …. his father discovered the theory of parallel universes … won a Nobel Prize before having a heart attack …. E found him on his bed …. had to call 911 himself as a 18 year old kid … then his mother was stricken with Cancer …. he took care of her until she died … then he found his sister Elizabeth dead in the bathroom from suicide …. left him as the only member of his family alive save a cousin who was a flight attendant …. then she died on 9/11 in a field in Pennsylvania …. what a life ….

Wait …. what was the mileage now???

10 miles gone?

Wow …. I must have zoned out ….

Maybe KC is a smart cookie!

Still not sure about the “character” thing though! 🙂

One thought on “CycleOps: or, How I Build Character by Cycling in Place

  • September 12, 2011 at 11:23 am

    Ha! Good for you! My coach puts me on the trainer with the spinscan once a week. I HATE it, but I can tell that it has helped made me stronger both mentally and physically (we do my cycle strength blocks on there). Proud of you, my friend!

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