This is a re-post from my friend KC over at 140.6 Miles of Awesome. She has issued a challenge, which I have accepted with Trainer for 5 days (since getting to Open Water is a problem). Anyone else up for a challenge????

idle hands (minds) are the devil’s workshop. in my case, i like to come up with challenges for me and i like to involve my friends since they are such good sports and they are the double dog dare types. just recently during a boring spell i suffered at work, i came up with a fun idea to help us be more accountable to our training. since Summer and i have stuck to our guns on the swimming deal we made to each other, i thought, lets take this one step further and with that, the email was composed and sent to a couple of people.

we like to call this challenge (or CHALLOOOONGE – remember this word please), DWYLLC …the Do What You Least Like Challenge. thank you Beth for that lovely, creative title. the gist of the DWYLLC is that you have to pick the thing (in this case, swim, run, bike or weight training) that you least like to do and do it 5 days out of 7, in the same week. how bout some rules?

  • if you pick the swim, like Summer and I did, 1 mile is the minimum. i’ll let you do the math in yards/meters.
  • if your choice is to bike, like Beth, then you have to bike no less than 12 miles per day. that over-achiever is already on day 3 or 4! i bet she was the teachers pet in school too.
  • if you think that the run is your least favorite, then you have to run no less than a 5K (3.1 miles). did i really have to do that conversion for you all? probably not.
  • if you pick weight training, you need to do 30 minutes as a minimum for each day.
  • what do you get as a prize you ask? not a dang thing except PRIDE and a HUGE sense of accomplishment that you just busted your tail doing your least favorite training mode. i would also recommend that once you have completed it, that you brag about it on your blog, facebook, twitter, or dailymile because you freakin’ did it! and of course, please let me know that you did it so i can give you big props on this here blog of mine.
the whole time this challenge has been in my head, so has the video above. do any of you remember this Cosby Show episode with Sandman Sims? Sandman Sims was the youngest Huxtable daughter’s, tap dance teacher. please, please, please take 2 minutes to watch it. it is hilarious.
ok,back to the DWYLLC. it isn’t a race so no pressure on speed. you have til the end of the year, 12/31/2011, midnight to do it. i, for one, have not decided if i will do it before or after IMFL. we’ll see.
Bartyou can read a different version of this challenge as described by the Discom-BOB-ulated runner by clicking HERE and alsoHERE if you’d like to read about Summer’s thoughts regarding the DWYLLC. fun reading for sure!

last but not least, to all my friends racing Cedar Point Rev 3 this weekend, i wish you all nothing but the best race of your lives and i will be thinking about you all and following online.
much love and peace out!

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