I haven’t had my thoughts together enough lately to post, so I am going to attempt one now and see how it goes. If it seems a but disjointed I apologize in advance. Not sure where I am starting or where I will end up, so bear with me and we will get through this data dump …. 

I started work at my new job a few weeks ago and it is going as well as can be expected. It has taking some time to get used to working again. Amazing how quickly one can get used to the freedom when you are not working. If it wasn’t for money and bills it would be a nice life … the ability to get up and do what you feel like doing all day … a nice way to live. It did wonders for my health physically but ruined me financially. I had our bankruptcy hearing last week. What a nightmare that was. This smug woman sitting there in judgement of me, making us feel like criminals for being unemployed and using every last bit of savings to pay bills and stay afloat. How dare us for being a victim of the economy. She asked about purchases I made 17 years ago … like that had ANY effect on my status this year. She asked how I spent the tax refund I got (and shut up very quickly when I told her I used it to help cremate my Dad in February). Then she asked for more paperwork that she did not have, although I had provided everything to my attorney, which did not make me happy (along with the fact that my attorney wasn’t even there, and she sent a contracted para-legal as representative). 

My training has taken a hit due to an injury. I hurt my peroneal tendon a couple of weeks ago and it has been nagging me ever since. I rested it all last week, no running, icing every night, and thought it felt good Saturday morning but 2 miles into team run the pain came back, so I limed back and sat out the rest of it. I need to be ready for the half marathon on October 1, so will not be running for awhile, and will seek out some further ART treatment to see if we can get this OK. I will replace the running with biking and swimming, and try some elliptical and pool running, and see if I can keep my cardio levels up at least.I will be honest and say that my motivation has taken a hit since returning to work. I had forgotten how much it takes out of you, and now that I work in downtown Tampa the drive to the gym in North Tampa is daunting after working all day. My head is drifting and I am starting to find excuses not to do anything. I need the support and toughness of team members right now to get me right, but they have their own issues and I can’t rely on them at the moment, so it is on me. Just have to refind the switch before I lapse back into the bad habits I had before.

So, send me motivation, help get me back on track if you can, anything helps 🙂

2 thoughts on “Readjusting

  • September 5, 2011 at 11:38 pm

    With having to not only get myself ready, but trying to rouse a 16 year old out of bed every morning for school, the early morning is way to hectic. I need to carve out time better, but you are right, there is a way. Just have to focus.

  • September 5, 2011 at 6:43 pm

    It does take some adjusting and some really good time management skills to fit all of the training in. I've had to do it many times and it is a headache at first but then kinda all falls into place. My drive from where the demons dwell to work is 25 miles (one way) so my morning workouts are scheduled down to the minute, no joke. I have everything ready the night before so I'm not fooling around with it in the AM. Sometimes, writing it out and figuring out the time you need helps. I'm very visual so by “mapping” the day/week out helps. Is the LA Fitness in Brandon an option since it is closer to home? Maybe a few days a week there?

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