When Did THIS Happen??

I was out doing my weekly Team in Training run on Saturday, a personal best for distance of 9.1 miles, and actually was not hating it while doing it. My legs felt OK, the weather was hot but because we started before 6 AM it was not unbearable, I was managing a pretty good pace for me (actually running 2 and 3×1 splits for most of the distance instead of my normal 1×1 splits), had the new Fountains of Wayne album “Sky Full of Holes” loaded on my iPod and was zoning on some good music … all was good.

When I got back I was drinking some water and using a chilled washcloth left for us by our coach Teresa (who ROCKS) when the other TNT team for the Winter races coach came in. His name is Lyle and if you get Runners World magazine you may have seen him on the cover a few months ago (there were 5 or so different covers featuring different inspirational runners and he was one of them, sporting his Team in Training shirt). I have never spoken to him directly, but he came right up to me and shook my hand and asked how the run went.

“Fine,” I said. “I actually hit a new best on distance … close to ten miles now.”

“Very good,” he answered. “Closing in on the race distance now.”

“Yeah,” I said. “It’s only three more miles.”

Wait ….


“Only” three more miles??

When did that thought process change???

Three months ago I was looking at 5k distances and thinking “oh my god … three miles??”

In fact, it was a month ago after finishing my first 7 mile run I was thinking “how the hell am I going to do another 7 miles after this??”

Now I am stating … “oh well, it’s ONLY another three miles … “

I find myself doing that on the bike also, when I am running low on energy at Flatwoods, and hit the trail head at Morris Bridge and want to stop, I am thinking “it’s ONLY 3.5 miles more to the next water stop … that’s not a problem.”

What a shift in thinking eh?

Not sure when that switch clicked in my head, but I have to admit I liked it ….

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