Fountains of Wayne

I have played music for much of my life, starting on drums when I was only 6 years old playing along to the Jackson 5 and the Osmond Brothers, and progressing to Bachman-Turner Overdrive and KISS when I was 12-13 years old. I taught myself guitar at 13 and also played bass if a few bands during high school. I like to think I have an open mind when it comes to music, and can listen to most types (with a few exceptions). Since starting this journey I now tend to listen to things while in the back of my mind think “can I run to this?”. Hazard of the journey I guess, but once I come upon a band I like that are off most people’s radar I have to share it … it’s like a need I have. A band called “The Eels” is in this group, but most of their stuff (really his stuff since The Eels is really just once person, Mark Everett) but one band I have found has some really good stuff. I would personally classify it as “power pop”, meaning it’s very catchy songs but has a strong rock sound at the same time. The band is called “Fountains of Wayne”.

Quick side story. When I was telling Jenny about them one day while drive I said “Fountains of Wayne” and she responded “The Mall??”. I said “What?”, and she said near where she grew up was a mall called The Fountains in Wayne, New Jersey, hence The Fountains of Wayne. I always wondered where they got their name from, and there it was. They are, in fact, from New Jersey. Small world.

Anyway, I thought it would be fun to share some songs of theirs that I like and maybe you can give them a listen and see if you agree with me about their use. Another side note is that I am a sucker for lyrics, especially those that are very visual, so it may be something that attracts me to this band (my favorite song writer of all time is Jim Steinman, as a for instance. He wrote the songs on Meatloaf’s “Bat Out of Hell” and “Dead Ringer”, as well as Air Supply’s “Making Love out of Nothing at All”, Bonnie Tyler’s “Total Eclipse of the Heart”, and a few others).

Songs by Album

Fountains of Wayne
“Radiation Vibe” …. great opening lines:
          Are you alone now?
         Did you lose the monkey?
        He gave you back aches, and made you slouch
        He didn’t mean it
        He’s just a dumb ape
       Reading Playboy, on your couch

“She’s Got a Problem”
       I know a girl who you’ve got to keep an eye on (Ahhh ahhh ahhh)

      I know a girl who you've got to keep an eye on (Ahhh ahhh ahhh)

Every time she goes outside
She barely gets home alive
She's got a problem
And she's gonna do something dumb

Utopia Parkway
"Red Dragon Tattoo"

     Monday gonna take a ride on

The N train down Coney Island
With the money I saved
Gonna get me engraved
Drink down a lot of Basil Hayden
Get kicked out when I can't see straight and
What an island to be on
Under the neon

"Troubled Times" .... a slower one but I really like the lyrics

     When you think you've found something worth holding onto 

We're reaching for attention, hoping she would notice you
Collecting bottles and thrown-away cans
Like she was returnable
One day would fill your hands
how she loved you, all you imagined
Fit so well into you plans

Maybe one day soon
It will all come out
How you dream about each other sometimes
With the memory of
How you once gave up
But you made it through the troubled times

Welcome Interstate Managers
"Bright Future in Sales"   .... very descriptive song about office working

     And if I make it home alive, 

I'm gonna get my shit together
Cause I could live like this forever
You know I've come too far and
I don't want to fail
I got a new computer,
and a bright future in sales

"Stacey's Mom" .... the one everyone knows by them, but still a good song

     Stacy's mom, has got it going on

She's all I want and I've waited for so long
Stacy can't you see? you're just not the girl for me
I know it might be wrong but,
I'm in love with Stacy's mom

"Little Red Light"

     Stuck in a meeting on Monday night

Trying to get the numbers to come out right
I'm getting tired, I think I just might need a drink
And as I'm reaching in the bottom drawer
I'm dreaming 'bout the way it was before
Life was so easy I never really had to think

Traffic and Weather
"Traffic and Weather"  Great beat. Perfect 12:00 pace song.
OOooooooh we belong together ... like traffic and weather

" '92 Subaru"
I'm coming for you
     in my late 92 baby blue

"New Routine"  Great Rhyming. Love it.

     Two men sit in the corner of a diner

Both of them look quite a bit like Carl Reiner
One of them is smoking even though the sign says not to
The waitress says to stop, he says sorry but I've got to
They tell each other jokes that they both know that they both know
They talk about real estate, prostates, Costco
And when they finish up they leave a twenty on the table
The waitress picks it up with their half-eaten bagels
      And when her shift is over she goes back to Mineola

Sits on the couch, opens up a diet cola and says

I'm so, I'm so sick of this place
I'm so ready for a change of pace
I'm just looking for a new routine

So she spins her globe
And the next thing you know
She's living in Liechtenstein

Sky Full of Holes (this is the new album. Still listening to it but liking it so far)
"Acela"  A very Beatle like song to me ... not a bad thing

     There's a train on a track

Painted silver, blue and black
Heading to Massachusetts
And then it's coming back
And it's entertaining by New Haven
Once you've had yourself a drink or two

Ooh ooh
All alone on the Acela
Tell me baby where the hell are you?

"A Dip in the Ocean" my favorite on the CD right now. Subject to change.

     Give us a room with a mountain view
     A tiny cabana by the water
     Yeah, by the water
     And I got a rental for an hour or two
     For a ride up the coast and a dip in the ocean

"Hate to See you like This"  A slow song but again, great lyrics ...

     Come on girl

You're not even trying
Your place is a mess
And all your plants are dying
You're lying around in those sweatpants
You're staring off into the distance
Come on give me a kiss
I hate to see you like this

"Firelight Waltz" ... this one I just got into on Saturday. It's 3/4 time is good tempo for running.

      All the hard-drinking stiffs 

Are asleep on their cots
And fog's in barrels on Totten Pond Road
And the sots who remain
Strike matches and crane
Cause they can't make their way in the dark

It's a hard parlor game
Playing miscues and pratfalls for laughs
From sad sacks and fair weather friends
You don't have to catch on
Lay it out and be gone
There's a calm's been a long time coming

Mary oh Mary go find the light
Take a hit from your whiskey and stumble inside
It's a tune from your childhood and a soft yellow moon
And the firelight is just right for dancing

There are MANY more that are good by this group ... I tried to give a sample of the ones I find easy to listen to while running. Take a sample of them when you get a moment. You won't be sorry.

There is one more that appears on no album by them, but if you can find it or have seen the movie you know the song. It's from the first "Scary Movie" comedy and it is the ending credits song, called "Too Cool for School"

He walks alone under the big city lights
He always knows just when the time is right
He never shows what he’s thinking
He keeps it inside
Because he’s too cool for school

He comes alive when the sun goes down
He gets it right
You know he’s always down
He’s got one eye open and his ear to the ground
Man he’s too cool for school

He’s an operator
He’s a real player
And if you mess with him
You know you’ll never win
He’s an instigator
Enemy eliminator
And when he knocks you better
You better let him in

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  • August 15, 2011 at 2:19 am

    I love music. I’m addicted to lyrics as well–and these were rockin’. I’m going to be looking up these tunes for sure! Thanks for sharing Jc!

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