Crotch Pot Cooking Hot

The sequence goes something like this ….

“Man it was hot out there today!”

“How hot was it?”

“DAMN Hot!!”

“How hot??”

“Crotch Pot Cooking Hot!!”

Personally I have NO idea what a “crotch pot” is, but I am sure if it was hot enough outside to cook it, it’s not a place I want to be …

Which brings us to training in Florida.

Those of you that read this and train down here (or even live here, because living is just as bad as training in it) can attest to what it is like. This is a place that from the time it takes you to get out of your car at 6 AM, walk to the back of the car, and take down your bike from the rack, you are sweating like you’ve ridden 15 miles already. I read on Daily Mile about KC’s training in the hills and it amazes me how she does it, but what amazes me more is when others NOT from here comment about the elevation she has completed like its “nothing” because, as we all know, Florida is Flat (not true at all if you’ve ever ridden in the Clermont area). Kc will do 1900 foot elevation climbing, and it’s looked at like its nothing compared to the 3000 feet others have done (I know it’s all done in good fun but I am making a point here, so bare with me). But what is not mentioned is that KC did that 1900 foot climb in 101 degree heat with 70% humidity. That is un-godly hot, especially maintaining an average pace of 22-23 mph. I don’t know how she does it. I will go to Flatwoods in the same weather and after 18 miles I look like I was in a torrential down pour (which is also another factor in this state …. storms that appear and disappear without rhyme nor reason). The other end of this spectrum, I think, is Leah (also on Daily Mile). She lives in Colorado and is doing elevation climbs in oxygen depleted air. I’d be falling off the bike gasping. Another bad-ass.

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