Tore Up from the Floor Up

Thanks to KC for the title of this post. Loved it.

I was reading KC’s blog the other day (can be found HERE and is very good. Highly recommend it) and she had this title on there and I loved it. Fits how I feel lately to a “t” so I told her I was stealing it. Hope she doesn’t mind. 🙂

I don’t know what it is lately but I have been feeling every bit of my 47 years (about to be 48 min a few weeks). I have always had aches and pains; my knees, hands, wrists, fingers, feet … it’s always something, but since the race Saturday I wake up in the morning and feel like every bone in my body is creaking. The problem is also, when you try to explain it to someone else you can’t really do it, so if it comes out as “complaining” here, or as hypochondria (which I am not, as my training partners can attest because people that are drive me insane) I apologize in the past. I want to put this out there in the hope that someone else shares it and can tell me what it is and how to deal with the issues. I will start at “the floor” ….

The pain starts in the outside heel area and radiates across the back of the heel to the top on the inside. It feels worse when I turn the foot inward, especially across the top portion. It is like the way my fingers feel at times when they are swollen. The weird thing is that it hurt yesterday until I started running, then went away, but when the run was over and I sat down for something to eat, the pain came back.

I had knee injuries in high school football and most of the problem I have had are due in some part to never having that fixed 30 years ago. About a year and a half ago I had the left knee fixed. When they went in they found the meniscus had adhered to the outside of my knee cap. The removed it and got it put mostly back in place, and I haven’t had much pain there since. The right knee has to be fixed as well I know. There are times when I get a sharp stabbing pain on the inside of my right knee while I am running, and they both swell up pretty bad when the weather is damp.

Mostly the right one hurts when I try to rotate it, and especially acts up after bike rides (especially if done on the trainer). My shoulders and neck hurt when I first got my bike back in September, so it may just be a matter of getting refitted as my acclimation to the bike may have changed.

Occasional “cramping” or a charlie horse type feel in the right rib cage, especially if stretching more than usual.

One of the few things that has been SEEN by training partners. I get a “trigger” finger in both hands, where the tendons in my palm pulls my middle two fingers inward and I cannot straighten them out. This went away fro awhile but recently has been coming back. I also have sever swelling in my fingers and thumbs (it’s actually “squishy” on the knuckle joint, and my fingers ALWAYS feel tight, even if not hurting, so I have NO grip strength to speak of. This used to get really bad when I would do pulling exercises with weights (lat pulldowns, etc.) so I stopped those.

So, as you see, I am old before my time. I do go for long periods of time occasionally with no issues, so the training has helped, but it seems the past week or so they have come back with a vengeance. Even now as I type this I am massaging the palm of my right hand to try to ease the pressure on the tendons.

So, if anyone has heard of any of these things and can offer advice I am all ears (one of the few parts of my body having no issues, with the exception of wild hair growth in the past year that is very troubling).

2 thoughts on “Tore Up from the Floor Up

  • August 5, 2011 at 9:03 pm

    I have a pair of them and I will try using them more. You're probably right. Stupid me for not using them.

    I plan on a refitting after the season. Just a bit pricey right now so trying to get through the next few races.

  • August 5, 2011 at 8:57 pm

    Great title. I had to laugh out loud when i saw it. I can offer a suggestion for your feet. Maybe it is a circulation problem. Buy some compression socks and wear them after training. I have a pair and love them …i just think they look cool and no they are not pink! As for the shoulder area, maybe a refitting as you mentioned? The other issues btw the floor and shoulders, i'm not so sure on so i will shut up now.

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