The Art of Complaining

I just sent the following email to TIMEX customer service. Is it too harsh??

I have been having a few issues with the Global Trainer and wondering if it is something I am doing or an issue with the watch itself. The issues are as follows:
  • 1.       The cadence monitor NEVER works, and the few times I have had it working it stops mid ride.
  • 2.       The TIMER function stops counting at different points during a run. I have it set for 1 minute intervals, and it will work for a while, but at different points during a run will stop working and hang at 1 minute. I have it set to 99 repetitions.
  • 3.       When swimming in the pool I use the LAP function each time I hit 50m, then hit STOP during rest intervals. Two issues with this:

a.       The laps do NOT upload to Training Peaks … only the total time, even though it shows in the PREVIEW portion of the watch.
b.      It does not show LAST LAP. When you hit LAP then STOP, it shows the time from the point you hit LAP to the POINT you hit STOP. Not usable data, unless I want to know how quick I can do that operation. You cannot hit STOP then LAP because the clock will start again when you hit the LAP button. Again, not usable.
I chose TIMEX over GARMIN because I have always had TIMEX watches, and because it has the Ironman brand, but there was obviously little time devoted to actually testing it during races. Why in the world would you not make it easier to transition from the wrist to the bike and back to the wrist? GARMIN thought of this and made it so the face snaps off then snaps onto the bike. TIMEX has to be undone from the wrist, wrapped around the bike holder and redone, then again for the run. This is NOT helpful during a race, and I see now why most pro’s use GARMINS.
Hopefully you can help me with these issues, and that your company is thinking about a faster transition process for the future. Spending all that money to get the Ironman brand will only take you so far, and unless these issues are fixed this previously loyal TIMEX user will be switching to GARMIN after this season, $300 or not.
I know I went off a little but it is starting to bug me. 🙂

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