13 Things your Training Partner Won’t Tell You


I thought this article was so funny that I had to share it. You can grab the magazine yourself (it’s FREE after all) if you want the full version. I am paraphrasing a little here.

  1. There are at least TWO embarrassing songs on every playlist. There is no need to pretend you don’t know how they got there. Just own up to your love of N’Sync. Mine is Celtic Woman.
  2. Everyone pees in the pool at some point. Anyone who says they haven’t is lying. I have NEVER!!!
  3. Anymore than two electronic devices during a workout or you’ll look like an ICU Patient. Or Uncle Martin, and if you know who that is then you’re as old as I am. 🙂
  4. Outside of your group, no one really cares if you did a brutal 12-miler this morning. This was made clear to me by a few family members who apparently were quite offended by me posting my training on Facebook. But then again, maybe it’s MY family.
  5. It’s embarrassing when you stretch in inappropriate places, like the checkout aisle at the grocery store. I find myself doing it without even thinking about it.
  6. Everyone’s first open water swim is scary and induces panic. The real champs are those who face it and get back in there a second time. Or a third, fourth, fifth ….. and it STILL panics me every time.
  7. Don’t wear your aero helmet on a group ride unless you want people to think you’re a tool. heh heh … “tool”.
  8. It’s not bragging if you can do it … but unless you’ve done it … zip it.
  9. If you’re on a Century Ride and you break to eat … eat first THEN reapply chamois cream. Never the other way around. EVER. Noted 🙂
  10. Do not pee on the bike or run while your buddy is in the “spray zone” …. I haven’t tried this yet … 
  11. Everyone cringes when they see their race photos online. Do you really look like then when you run? Yes … YES you DO.
  12. Unless you were trying to qualify for the Olympics and failed, please refrain from throwing a hissy fit at the finish line if you were unhappy with your performance. Or resort to cheating so you can stand on stage and accept an award you did not earn. Just saying …. 
  13. Even if your training partner is faster than you, don’t discount yourself. Chances are good that person admires something about you but just hasn’t told you: your positive attitude, your persistence, or your ability to make compression shorts look good. Either way, keep it up. There’s a reason they choose to train with you. A very good point and one that I need to remember as everyone in my group passes me on the run.

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