Report from Crystal River #2 Triathlon

Well, back from another triathlon, and while all my goals were not met I did achieve the two most important ones; I improved, and I was under 2 hours. So lets get to it.

Up at 4:30 AM and began getting myself awake and ready to race. As usual did not sleep very well, maybe 3 hours or so, but still felt good for the race. Arrived at the site right at 6 AM and got packets for set up (Crystal River doesn’t do pre-race packets so everyone has to get them the morning of, but because the race only has about 200 or so racers it’s not that bad).

Jen Setting Up

Bella Ready to Go

Me Ready to Go

Swim (9:33)

When we arrived the night before we had a little bit of daylight left so we decided to head to the race site before checking into the hotel, maybe take a quick swim. The water was WARM as always, and CALM, but when walking out I stepped on something that sliced my big toe. It hurt but didn’t think anything of it until I walked to car and looked down and my flip flop was covered in blood. Patched it up as best I could until I got to the room, then slapped some ointment on it and bandaged it and hoped for the best.

The swim went off right on time and my wave was, as always, second to last, going off at 7:39 AM. I hit the water fast. The new workouts must be working because I was on the first turn buoy before I expected to be and made the turn quickly. Because I can keep up with the faster swimmers now I was surrounded most of the time, a new experience. Got my first “kick in the face” but handled it well.

After the first turn the current got us and I swear it only took 5 strokes to get to the second turn. When we all made the turn for the beach the current kept at us and pushed us all toward the jetties. I normally don’t say anything about the safety measures but this was lacking. The kayaker they stationed there wasn’t being vocal at all and was allowing everyone to keep drifting. Not a peep out of her to inform us we were being pushed (and we ALL were, even the elites at the beginning of the race). We eventually all got out bearing and got to the beach fine. Completed it in a minute less that #1, which was my goal, so it was good.

The Infamous Jetties

T1 (3:34)

For me this was an outstanding transition. Went smooth, actually ran to the bike quickly, got shoes on and was out fast. Nice.

Bike (57:05)

My goal was lofty for this portion so I will dial it back a bit next time. Suffice to say that I did improve my speed by 1 mph, so there is room for improvement. More time on the bike is needed, and I will be working on this hard. We had a cross wind for most of the ride but wasn’t that bad and could be dealt with easily. Only got passed by two people, and passed numerous so I felt pretty good.

Jennifer and I had a friendly bet that she wouldn’t catch me before the turnaround this time. I went by her in the transition area, but her swim improved greatly and so did her T1 time, so I know I needed to push a bit, and kept listening for that tell tell ‘click clack’ of her chain on her Bianchi “Bella”. But when I got to the turnaround there was no sign …. until I made the turn and there she was, smiling at me. I had beaten her by about 20 feet, and actually would not have had it not been for this ass racked next to her knocking her front tire loose which she had to fix in transition. I had warned her to watch that guy because he was one of those “triathletes” that took the sport WAY too seriously and just looking at him you could tell he was the type to swim over you, bump you on the road, etc. Had the chafing issue again (see previous post). There is more “support” in my future.

T2 (2:33)

This one usually goes fast because you’re just racking the bike, changing shoes, and grabbing water belts. Most of the time is due to my legs being like jello and having to walk in and out. I will be working on this as well.

Run (43:37)

Noodle legs again for the first mile, though I was able to force myself into the 1×1 splits, albeit slow ones. By mile 1 I was running at 10-11 minute paces and walking in the 15 range, so it was an improvement. I need to do more running off the bike before the next races.

I finished in 1:57:55 or so, which met my goal. Many things to work on, but that’s the fun of this sport, especially at my level. Improvement happen in large jumps. The only irritating thing is when I weighed this morning I had GAINED 10 freaking pounds!! Hopefully that comes back off quick, but need to speak with doctor about why my body does this.

Met this couple when we were breaking down. Active Duty Navy from Jax. Squids are drawn to each other 🙂

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  • July 9, 2011 at 10:22 pm

    Great race! New personal bests and you beat me to the turnaround…I will have to train hard to catch you!

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