There Is Something to This ….

I hate running, just to be clear. I find it boring, and it hurts my legs (probably due to the years of inactivity and weight I have put on my poor knees), but it is a necessary evil in the ever challenging journey of weight loss and training. So I grunt through it, blasting my iPod as often as I can (they are not allowed in triathlon’s), and trying to better my times each training session.

Lately, though, I have been starting to enjoy the running. I don’t know what it is or what clicked for me. I have noticed that I lose weight faster the more I run, much faster than when I bike (I see to GAIN weight after Triathlon events and after long training rides), so maybe I have just come to accept it and starting to enjoy the time to let the mind just go for 30 minutes or so. But the inner part of me that want to GET BETTER was still frustrated with running 13-14 minute paces (even though in January I was lucky to make it under 20:00). I had been using the walk/run method, which works for me (especially for my shins) but it was frustrating to see the pace go up during the walk portions, so I started pushing myself to run more and walk less. But the pace wasn’t improving.

During the TNT Initial Training last Saturday our coach Teresa made a comment that stuck in my head. When she mentioned the walk/run method (The Galloway Method for those of you that run) she said that she had seen many people using it actually PASS those that run the whole distance. Hmm. “How could that be?” I was thinking….

Being the analytically minded sort that I am I started writing it out on paper …. if I walk at a 16:00 pace, what would I need to run at for a minute to get the pace under 12:00 over all? Between 9:00 and 10:00. Could I run at that pace for one minute over a two mile distance?

As Woodsy the Owl once said …. “Let’s Find Out” ….

So, this morning I slept in a little (Zak being out of school now affords me the opportunity), getting up at 8:00. Had my morning Muscle Milk, and at 9:00 headed out to Nature’s Way to test this theory out. I set the timer on my Timex Ironman GPS for 1:00, hit Start, and took off at a sprint.

The first impression was how easy the sprint was … at the minute mark I stopped and started walking and glanced at the split time as it came up on the watch.

6:32 …

Wow … that is all out sprinting for me … not sure I can keep that up!

So every minute I alternated running and walking. The runs slowed down near the end, but was still sprinting at a good 10:00 pace for the most part. When I stopped at 2 miles I looked at my results and there it was …

Overall Pace = 11:54

I had cut 30 seconds off my previous best pace where I had run almost the whole distance. There MUST be something to this method. But, being the way I am, I know I will have to test it more than just this once. Maybe I was rested today? Maybe my legs will hurt like HELL tomorrow (right now they feel great and I could have probably run more but trying to keep the sample size the same for future runs). Right now I feel great. I have gone from 20:00+ minute miles in January to sub 12:00 miles in June.

Any accomplishment is good at this point. Let’s see if the weight loss follows. 🙂

Just as an FYI, the music used today was:

Infant Sorrow’s “Going Up”, “Bangers Beans and Mash”, “The Clap”, “I Am Jesus”
Rob Zombie’s “More Human Than Human”, “Thunder Kiss ’65”, “Dragula”
Hollywood Dead’s “Undead”
Gossmack’s “Cry Like a Bitch”

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