Starbuck’s Bitties

I never go into Starbucks with the intent of listening to other conversations. My routine has become ordering an iced coffee (I don’t even have to order anymore because they know me when I walk in. How sad is THAT??) but the tables are so close it is hard not to hear others, especially when they talk so loud as if they WANT you to hear them.

I am sitting there the other day minding my own business doing the NY Times crossword (finished in 15 minutes thank you very much) when three women walked in and were working on their Girl Scout Troop finances (of course this reminds me of one of the nurses who helped get me fired, but that’s another story). One of them had a friend who’s son had applied for a job at this Bux but didn’t get it, so she was stating, loudly, how she would “rather drink out of a puddle than buy coffee here” and that “it’s all I can do to even sit in this place” all after referring to the staff behind the counter as a “DB” (I assume this means “dirtbag” but I could be wrong”). Then she started regaling everyone on her recent trip to Paris with her husband (who she made sure to mention was a Green Beret at least ten times).

On a side note, why do women refer to their husbands to their friends as “my husband”? Doesn’t he have a name? If they are friends don’t they know his name and that he’s her husband. It’s like he’s their property. But I digress ….

She mentioned having a disagreement in a store and she stated that “I’m a Special Forces Wife. I speak my mind!”. What the Hell does THAT mean. How does being the spouse of a hero make you one yourself? He went through hell in his training, spends too much time (IMHO) having people shooting at him, and she is a bad ass because he is?? Give me a break. That would be like your couch potato husband claiming he’s an athlete because his wife runs triathlon’s.

Then again … maybe I am just grumpy? LOL

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