Shaving Parts Blindly

I did something today that I said I would never do when I started this training. I shaved my legs. During the last bike ride I had enough of the tri-shorts pulling the hair on my legs. This has been happening the entire time, but it was getting a bit annoying and I had enough, so broke out the electric hair cutter, trimmed it all down, then got in the shower and shaved it all off.

Much like after witnessing the birth of my two son’s, I walked away from this experience with renewed respect for women. How…the HELL…do you do this all the time?? How do you see behind you in order to get the parts (I am being politically correct here) that you cannot see?? I must have worked on this for an hour, and STILL feel where I missed parts.

The good part is I am silky smooth. 🙂

So now in addition to my arms being tanned and chest white as snow, legs being tanned from mid thigh to ankles making my ghost white feet glow in the dark, I sport smooth legs which hopefully will no longer pull while biking and running.

Maybe it will add speed to my swim????? 🙂

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