This has been festering in me since I signed up for my first triathlon and had to choose a category to race in. Faced with this monumental decision that would follow me for the rest of my life, I poured over the available selections. Pro? Definitely not. Elite Amateur? Not even sure what that is and how one would qualify for that (though I am almost 90% sure I am not one). Novice/First Timer? Potentially a fit, but I have SOME skills and didn’t want to get stuck in the last wave every time, because, you know, novices are dangerous to the safety and well being of the Pro’s and Elite’s. Age Grouper? Probably a fit, though most of these are seasoned competitors, even at my age group (44-49 is actually the largest groups at most races). So that leaves “Clydesdale”.

What the hell is a Clydesdale?

According to USAT, a Clydesdale is a male (sometimes split into 44 and under/45 and older sub groups) that weigh 200 pounds or more.

The female equivalent of this group is called “Athena”, those over 150 pounds.

This leaves a lot of room though. You can have my type, 5’10/240, or you can have a bodybuilder type 6’4/210. Doesn’t seem very fair to group us together.

Plus, the most bothersome thing is the NAME!

To me a Clydesdale is this:

A big, fat, horse with hairy feet. Nice.
In contrast, an Athena is this:
A warrior woman, strong, and tall, able to beat the crap out of anyone that stands in their way.
I have no problem with the Athena name. My best friends are Athena’s, both in spirit and in heart, so it fits, but even though I am still overweight, and slightly “cloppish” …. I DO NOT have hairy feet (see previous post on “Shaving”).
I want a new name …. 
I want to be THOR …. 
I’m writing the USAT. Who’s with me????

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  • July 7, 2012 at 6:42 pm

    Please keep writing…this was awesome.

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