The Report from St. Anthony’s

I am at a bit of a loss on now to describe this experience, since it was one that started off well, had a bad middle, but I ended up learning a few things for the future. So I am just going o write what happened, and hopefully it doesn’t come out as embarrassing as it feels when I talk about it out loud. So here we go ….


It started off early as we had to be there by 7:45 for a mandatory team meeting and practice swim. We got there about 6:50 AM and walked out to the beach and we greeted by this:

Turns out the majority of it was the surface waves and the current wasn’t too bad. So we loaded up and got into the hotel early (kudo’s to the Vinoy for letting everyone check in early … great hotel, great rooms, great service). 
Panoramic view from room balcony

St. Pete Skyline
We rested awhile then grabbed the bikes and headed over to packet pickup and bike setup around 1:00. VERY crowded, but got through with minimal stress and got bikes through and set up easily. Headed over to the Expo and was outstanding. Found some great deals, great samples. 
So, hot the Inspiration dinner fro Team in Training and it was great. Was named the groups “Most Determined” which was a nice surprise. Headed back to room about 8:00. Went through gear again, packed transition bags, then hit the rack.
About 2:00 AM I woke up and was sweating like a dog in heat and head was pounding. Got up to splash some water on my face and started vomiting. Tried to lay back down but ended up getting back to the bathroom three times. Never did get back to sleep. Got up for good at 4:30, grabbed my bags and headed down to meet with team. Told coach what was going on. He told me there was no shame in backing out if I was sick, but I thought if I went ahead and went out to the site, I might start feeling better. So headed out with the team, got body marked, set up my transition, puked again …. then teammates stepped in and told me to not try it. They were right. I was already dehydrated from vomiting (and other things) so I dropped out of race, went back to room and got sick some more, then slept an hour, and headed back to race site to play cheer leaded for the rest of the day.

So, after 5 months of training, I ended up not being able to compete, which sucked, but I did the training, I raised the money for a very worthy cause (and that is the most important thing). I discovered I really liked the cheerleading and coaching aspect of the gig (being a participant I was able to be INSIDE the transition area and helped a few teammates on their set up). So I’m not looking at this as a failure. Things like this happen (Wellington herself had to drop from Kona due to illness) and after the race I heard there were a few of us that dropped due to illness, so may have been something we all ate.

The swim ended up being moved south due to the conditions, and shortened to 1,000 meters. Then you had to run in barefeet half a mile to transition due to exit point being moved. Not very cool. Loads of mishaps on the bike route because they didn’t close it to traffic. One pro rider hit by a car, and another ride hit a speed bump that threw her head first into the curb. Very nasty and very bloody.

So what’s next next you may ask:

  • Miles for Moffitt 5 mile run on May 14th
  • Mad Beach Tri on May 22
  • Top Gun on July 28th (I think)
  • Also looking at the Crystal River series in June, July and September
  • Siesta Key in October
I am looking at this plan from this point on:
  • Focus on Sprint Distances until I get VERY comfortable in the swim and transitions
  • Try some Duathlon’s to work on running
  • Try to find a 50-mile ride or Century ride this season to get a few under my belt
I am also looking at finding a coach for running, swimming. If anyone knows of someone that is good and can deal with the health issues I have, and my teammates have, please let me know. The idea of a Master’s Swim Class is a bit daunting, so would prefer a one-on-one experience (actually one on three to four).
Here are some more pictures to close it out:
At the beach location the day before the race … if only I knew what was ahead of me that night …. 

Mario tagged and ready to go …. He was very upset the next day

Isn’t that your pager buzzing Dr. Cultrera????

St. Pete Skyline at night

Jennifer at dismount zone … still look ok at this point 🙂

Jennifer crossing the finish line (final time was 4:02:54). A great job …. she has come SO far and I am very proud of her.

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  • May 3, 2011 at 12:56 am

    Oh and my official time was 2:01:41….lol

  • May 3, 2011 at 12:55 am

    You AREa triathlete… you are a natural coach/mentor… a great friend and the best training buddy.

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