My Gear

I thought I would post pictures of my gear. It is beginning stuff, but they work for me (I LOVE my bike).

My Bike … aka Mario. Speed Play pedals installed.
My Bike Shoes. I have only been on these for three weeks. Shouldn’t have waited so long.

Asics Kayano 17. AKA Life Savers. Since going to these have had almost no shin pain. Good move on my part. Speed laces have replaced the regular ones.
I tried to find a picture of the wet suit on the web by couldn’t, so I have to use this one taken in the mirror (hence the backwards logo).

So there it all is (I didn’t add the helmet, gloves, etc.). I use prescription swim goggles from They were only $24.95. I use a Finis swim snorkel (go ahead and scoff … I don’t care), and a Road ID on my right wrist. 

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