St. Anthony’s Taper Week

The weeks of training can be be hard and draining both psychologically and physically, but the taper weeks are almost worse. Because there is nothing I can do to alter my performance in Sunday’s race, I just have to keep loose this week and hold off on the urge to get just one more mile in running, or another 25 mile bike in, or a couple of more swims. So now I am basically here pondering the trouble I have still in each portion, going over the race in my mind, trying to find that switch to allow me to get my face IN the water these time and power through 1500 metes of swirling surf that is waiting for me in a few days. The switch is there. Just hard to find.

We went out to The Pier on Saturday to check out the race site. I didn’t swim it, but just wanted to put eyeballs on it. Did nothing to alleviate fears, but I needed to see the length. You can definitely see where the surf comes in toward the beach left to right, but also comes off the pier right to left and creates a bit of a washing machine. Is it bad to pray for bad conditions so that they call off the swim portion? Hmmm. I know come race day I will get in the soup, and probably get through the distance somehow. Interesting aside is that one team member actually got motion sick and threw up while swimming it. That gives some indication of the ride we are about to go on. Here are some pictures:

The course … out to the end of the pier, left turn, then back to stairs installed on wall.

Notice the buoy lean in the picture?

Jen’s face tells the story LOL

St. Pete Skyline. You can see Tropicana Field in the distance on far left.

My weight hit an all time low on Friday of 244.2 pounds (YAY) and has since increased to 251 pounds. Here is the graph:
The arrow points to the day I ran out of thyroid medication. So, anyone still think there’s not a linkage between the two? I hope my refill comes today.

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