St. Anthony’s Worries

Ok … so I was worried enough about this St. Anthony’s Triathlon as it was, not the update email comes out today and it states this:

WATER TEMPERATURE (PLEASE READ): Water temperature has slowly been on the rise and current reached the 80-81 degree mark. Conditions are currently favorable for a non-wetsuit swim but be prepared for the possibility of a wetsuit swim as well. Several factors can affect water temperature including wind and weather over the next week. WETSUITS: 68 Degrees is the cut off for professionals, 78 degrees is the cut off for participants if they want to be eligible for awards. NOTE: If the water temperature is above 78 degrees but below 82 degrees, athletes will have the option to wear wetsuits but they will not be eligible for age group awards. Additionally, you will be required to start in the final wave(s) that will be designated as THE WETSUIT WAVE(S). If you chose to wear a wetsuit in water above 78 degrees, you MUST start in the wetsuit wave or you will be disqualified. There will be NO AWARDS for the wetsuit wave. We will make announcements on Friday and Saturday at the EXPO with current water temperature readings. A final water temperature reading will be made early race morning and we will be making announcements over the PA race morning with the final ruling on water temperature and wetsuits. Be prepared for both non-wetsuit and wetsuit swim.

So, basically, if the race was tomorrow I would have to choose to go without a wet suit and start in Wave 15 at 7:45 AM, or wear the suit and start in the final wave at 9:10 AM. Let me note that the fact of having the wet suit is comforting at my beginner level because it is buoyant. I have not tried Ocean Swimming without one. Seems there is a BIG decision on my horizon pretty quickly.

The one GOOD point is that if my training partner and I choose to wear the suits and start in the rear, we will start together and can help get each other though it (more her helping me than the other way around). The race starts at 6:50 AM, so that is a 2 hour and 15 minute wait to start.

Any words of advice from you seasoned readers out here? I will swim without the suit tomorrow and see how it feels. All of our training to this point with TNT has been with the suit on. Obviously we swim in the pool without one, but it’s MUCH different.

5 thoughts on “St. Anthony’s Worries

  • April 25, 2011 at 10:06 pm

    Hey RAD (is it legal for you to still use those initials????).

    I have gone all through my head the pro's and con's about the transition (mine sucked at the last race because I had wet suit issues) but these breathing/anxiety issues (once a fat guy, it sticks in your head) it is more comforting to wear the suit for the buoyancy. I do have a sleeveless one, so my motion is not that hindered actually, but this will be the past race I will be able to wear one (water temp today at the Pier was 81). So MAD BEACH TRI in three weeks and TOP GUN in July will be without suit, but they are Sprints so will be good practice. I know it's all a head thing. I just need to get a good one under my belt and it should be fine. Hopefully.

  • April 25, 2011 at 12:35 am

    John, I have done swim portions of triathlons for many relay teams, not because I'm a good swimmer (believe me, I'm NOT!), but b/c so many people hate open ocean swims. So, just know that you are in the same boat as a lot of others! 😉 The GREAT thing about swimming w/o a wetsuit is that you cut down on your transition time…no wetsuit to mess around with. I like swimming w/o a wetsuit because then I don't feel constricted; I have full range of motion. Get some more training time in the ocean, if possible, so that you can feel more comfortable. It's a world of difference from pool swimming. Good luck to you…I'm proud of you for doing this! Aloha, Rhonda

  • April 24, 2011 at 12:34 am

    If it were I, I would go without and beat the heat. If I was you I would opt for the suit noting past anxieties in open water. Altough I did Disney one year and had a late wave and by mile three on the hot asphalt I had voluteers dumping buckets of water on me. Hard call bro!

  • April 23, 2011 at 11:51 pm

    It is definitely nerve wrecking KC. I will wear the wet suit and it so, then just start later. The water was rough today out there so who knows if it will happen, or perhaps be shortened. We will see in a few days.

  • April 22, 2011 at 8:52 pm

    Is your concern about the heat due to starting later if you opt to wear a wetsuit? If so, it's a toss up. The wetsuit in salt water is ideal especially b/c you are used to it, you've never swam in the OW without it and your comfort level with it is better than without it. I'm thinking as a beginner here JC and I think if the heat isn't a huge factor for you, then go with the wetsuit and start later. I guess the question to ask yourself is, will starting 1 hour and 25 minutes later make a big difference in how you finish. Lots of decisions in triathlons, huh? Especially at this time of year. Hell, who knows, the water might be so rough, you may end up doing a duathlon. You just never know until you get there that morning. So nerve wrecking!! Definitely get out and practice without your wetsuit. See if the salt water gives you enough buoyancy.

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