The Day After Thoughts

So it has been 24 hours since I completed triathlon number one and here are some thoughts on the experience:

  1. They need to accommodate people who wear glasses better. I had to leave them in transition, and was blind until I got to my swim goggles, then had to wear them for 40 minutes so I could find my way to the starting line. Not cool. Am I the only one who needs glasses to see? Maybe they should have an area at the finishing point where you can leave items like this so you can drop them off and pick them up immediately after the swim?
  2. Swim caps SUCK. They are too damn tight. Bothered me the whole race. I hate them. I hope they die.
  3. While unpacking my gear this morning I found an almost full water bottle that was on my bike, and 3 of the four water containers on my run belt still full. Obviously did not drink enough, which probably attributed to my bonk on the run. Stupid mistake.
  4. Almost a 14 minute T1 time. If I had cut that to even half of what it was I would have caught and passed people on the bike portion.
  5. It’s pissing me off that the time results online are not showing my completion time and run time. If the cut off is 3 hours for time, shouldn’t that be three hours from the start of the LAST wave?? My total time was 2:40:56. So that means the first wave gets a full three hours, but the last waves get only 2:40:00. Doesn’t seem fair. Everyone should have the same amount of time. I actually beat a few people on total race time, but because I was in second to last wave it looks like I didn’t finish. And I have one guy in my group that had a swim time, no bike or run time, and a 2:00 penalty, but is ranked 5 spots ahead of me. How does THAT work??
  6. I do MUCH better when surrounded by people. In the bike and run I was by myself and struggled, just like I do when training alone. When Coach ran back to me and caught up at mile 2, the last two miles of run were my best splits. Either I have to get better so I maintain someone around me or get better at pacing myself.
  7. I must work on the ocean swimming anxiety. I thought I had it under control but obviously didn’t. Ended up swimming a mile for a half mile race and had trouble breathing the whole time. Not sure what to do about it, but it is psyching me out for St. Anthony’s.
All in all, I know I did my best for that day, and I finished, which was the ultimate goal. I may have been the LAST across the finish line, but 109 people dropped out without finishing, so I wasn’t technically last, which I will cling to like a life raft. 🙂

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