Off Week

Because I am new to this training thing I am at a bit of a loss as to how to handle the week before the race. Everything I read says to “taper” the week leading up to the race day, so I have been taking it a bit easy so far. We did the brick on Sunday, but I did not do anything yesterday, and will try to run a couple of miles today,a nd probably do an easy swim of 1500m tomorrow, then nothing again on Thursday or Friday. I hope I am not shooting myself in the foot here, but as “they say”, the first few tri’s are learning experiences.

An aside: I am sitting in Starbucks now (my daily routine since being jobless since January) and John Lennon’s song “Woman” from Double Fantasy just came on. Is there a more beautiful song than this? You can feel the love he had for Yoko coming through the lyrics. Great song.

I was talking to staff at the Ironman store yesterday when I dropped off my bike for the final tune up for both races coming up, and I shared with them with anxiety still about the swim. Hunter is always the same

“Aw don’t worry about it man, you’ll do fine. Piece of cake.”

Thanks. LOL. The younger staff person told me that you can almost walk to the first buoy, then it’s about ten strokes to the left turn where you parallel the beach, then about ten or so strokes back to walking distance to beach. Now THAT helped me a lot. My trepidation is all centered on the temperature of the water and getting myself acclimated quickly enough. Cold water plays havoc on my breathing. But if I can walk half way to first buoy, that gives me a chance to get water in my suit and warm up before actually swimming. I think that is doable (and if anyone reading this says that’s not the case please keep it to yourself …. leave me to my illusions!!).

Entered ANOTHER triathlon yesterday. Top Gun on July 30th. Same basically as Escape except only a 1/4 mile swim and 3.1 mile run. Doable. Also looking at the century ride for ALS and I want to do a marathon in November. My bucket list is emptying.

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