Becoming a Man in Full: The Bucket List

The last part of my last blog post made me start thinking about the Bucket List thing. How different mine would be today that it would have been 5 years ago. Hmmm. If I had to list TEN things only right now, what would they be?

  1. Complete a Sprint Triathlon
  2. Complete and Olympic Triathlon
  3. Run a Half Marathon
  4. Run a Marathon
  5. Complete a Century Ride
  6. Ride the Lava Flats in Hawaii (I have no delusions of competing in the Kona Ironman, but I would like to do the ride).
  7. Go on a White Water Rafting trip in one of the National Parks
  8. Own a passport with actual stamps in it (I was going to list some places I want to see, Canada being the big one, but this is the easier way of saying it).
  9. Own my own business
  10. See my son graduate college
I think if I could see/do those 10 things I would die a “Man in Full”. I kept off personal goals for the most part (weight loss, overall health, happiness, etc.) becasue those things are a given for the most part. Feel free to comment. Lord knows I love people shooting holes in my thoughts. LOL …. 

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