Crunch Time

I have not blogged anything recently because, frankly, the stress of living is over whelming me at times, but I will try to be better in the near future. I know all of you hang on my every word. 🙂

If you don’t follow my Facebook page (how DARE you) I will say now that I have bitten the final bullet and my bike is now equipped with Speed Play pedals. In addition to the cost I was always a bit scared of being attached to the bike, but after much reading and prodding from teammates about the added efficiency, and with only two weeks left before Triathlon #1, it was either now or never. Luckily I have benefactors which provided the equipment at no cost to me, other than my deep gratitude.

I used them the first time on Sunday, literally 2 hours after having them installed. It wasn’t that hard at all. Yes, I have to think about “unclipping” before stopping, but the actual ACT of clipping in and out wasn’t as hard as I expected it to be. The ride itself went VERY well. Did the most distance I have ever done, and the effort wasn’t as hard as before, so there might be something to this efficiency thing. 🙂

Did another run on Monday of 3 miles and set a new best in time by 2:30. Still slow but shin pain is gone (knock on wood). Got rained out of run today, but tomorrow is a major workout, with Open Water, 10 mile bike, and 5k run at Fort DeSoto Park (site of the triathlon). Should be a long, tiring, but essentially satisfying day.

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  • April 7, 2011 at 12:40 am

    Hey KC …. sorry I missed your post until now. I had a full day of training and just got home. Flatwoods is still flooded but the gully is passable. Come in at the Morris Bridge entrance. It cuts off 4 miles from the loop so the usual mileage is off but we managed a 16 mile trip today. Hopefully a few more days, maybe by the weekend, and we will be good to go again.

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