Stressors and Training

stressI find it hard some days to get motivated for training with everything going on that is going on. I had to actually start thinking about taking a financial step that I have NEVER taken before in my life, and the little voice in my head (I think it’s my Grandfather) keeps telling me that I have failed … but the step is needed in order to protect what I have going forward, so it’s bite the bullet time. It’s a hard pill to swallow, especially when it’ due to one mistake made on my part three years ago that I seem to be the only one paying for … but it is what it is I guess, and hopefully when all is said and done I will be stronger and smarter for the experience.

That being said, I have not trained in two days and I have three weeks left before the Fort DeSoto Triathlon. My weight is stagnant but at least I am not gaining like I was … just stuck at this 250-253 plateau. Today I have an 18 mile bike and a sprint swim drill on the schedule starting at 4:30. I have the bike under control now, and I THINK I have the run figured out. Need a few more open water sessions to get my comfort level up, but I am pretty sure I won’t panic at this point, and I figured out that race day course looks like we will be WITH the current and not fighting against it which should help with both time and effort. As long as the water temperature is in the mid 70’s, which it should be, I will be OK.

I have the team web site up and running. You can find it here and if you are in our area (even if you’re not) and want to get together with a TRUE BEGINNING group you are MORE than welcome to come out with us. We are asking a small membership fee just to help defray some cost of the site maintenance, etc. but we will be adding some merchandise, membership cards, tattoos, etc. shortly. At least that is the plan.

Here is the logo idea. I am no artist by any stretch, but it’s not bad for free hand, and is along the same style as the tattoo design I drew that now resides on my left bicep. As my sister so graciously pointed out, it looks “like and eyeball with a frowny face and Kristi Hair” which is now all I see when I look at it, but it actually represents the uphill climb we all face in this endeavor. Please comment if you have thoughts or ideas.

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